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How to pronounce favicon (audio)


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Dictionary definition of favicon

The small, typically square-shaped icon that appears in the browser tab or bookmark bar next to a website's name or title.
"The website's favicon displayed a miniature version of their logo."

Detailed meaning of favicon

Short for "favorite icon," it serves as a visual representation or branding element for a website, allowing users to quickly identify and locate a specific webpage among their numerous open tabs or bookmarks. Favicons are usually displayed in a compressed format, often measuring 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels, and are typically created using a simplified version of a website's logo or a distinct symbol associated with the brand. These tiny icons add a touch of visual appeal and recognition to web browsing experiences, enhancing the overall user experience and helping websites establish a cohesive and memorable online presence.

Example sentences containing favicon

1. I easily identified the website among my open tabs by its distinctive favicon.
2. The bookmark bar looked organized with various colorful favicons representing different websites.
3. The web designer created a visually appealing favicon that perfectly complemented the website's theme.
4. The favicon added a professional touch to the browser tab, making it stand out from the rest.
5. I couldn't find my favorite website's favicon, so I struggled to recognize it in my bookmarks.
6. The absence of a favicon made the website look less polished and less recognizable.

History and etymology of favicon

The noun 'favicon' is a blend of two words: 'favorite' and 'icon.' The term 'favicon' emerged in the early days of the internet to refer to the small, typically square-shaped icon associated with a website, which appears in the browser tab or bookmark bar next to the site's name or title. The purpose of a favicon is to serve as a visual identifier for a website, making it easier for users to recognize and locate their favorite sites among their browser tabs or bookmarks. The etymology of 'favicon' reflects its function as a favorite icon or a symbol that helps users quickly identify and access their preferred websites while navigating the web.

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Further usage examples of favicon

1. I quickly located the online store I needed by spotting its recognizable favicon in the browser tab.
2. The company's favicon was a simple yet eye-catching symbol that perfectly represented their brand.
3. The favicon served as a tiny ambassador, promoting brand recognition wherever the website was bookmarked.
4. The web developer meticulously designed a pixel-perfect favicon that matched the website's aesthetic.
5. As a designer, I always ensure that my clients have a well-crafted favicon that enhances their online presence.
6. The website's favicon is a blue logo that represents their brand.
7. I customized my blog's favicon to match its unique style.
8. Have you noticed the new favicon on our favorite news site?
9. The favicon of that website is so small yet instantly recognizable.
10. A well-designed favicon can enhance a site's visual identity.
11. The missing favicon on the tab makes the site look unprofessional.
12. I created a pixel art favicon for my online portfolio.
13. Click the star icon in your browser to add a favicon to bookmarks.
14. The favicon's colors should complement the website's theme.
15. Can you help me choose a favicon for my e-commerce site?
16. The tiny favicon symbolizes the essence of the entire website.
17. A favicon should be memorable and easy to distinguish.
18. I'm struggling to upload the new favicon to my blog.
19. The browser's bookmark bar displays all my favorite favicons.
20. The website's old favicon didn't reflect its updated branding.
21. A unique favicon sets your site apart from the competition.
22. The favicon is like a miniature logo for your website.
23. The default favicon makes the website look incomplete.
24. Let's create a favicon that encapsulates our company's mission.
25. The favicon disappeared after the website's recent update.



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