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How to pronounce fiancé (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fiancé

A person who is engaged to be married, specifically a man who is engaged to a woman.
"The fiancé looked dashing in his tailored suit on their special day."

Detailed meaning of fiancé

When we use the term "fiancé," we are highlighting the individual's betrothal and commitment to marrying their partner. Engagements are a significant step in a romantic relationship, signifying the intention to marry and the beginning of wedding preparations. During this period, the couple typically plans for their future together, including the wedding ceremony and their life as a married couple. The term "fiancé" underscores the special and promising phase of a relationship when two people have made a mutual commitment to build a life together as spouses.

Example sentences containing fiancé

1. She introduced her fiancé to her family with great excitement.
2. The couple's parents met to discuss wedding plans with their fiancés.
3. He surprised his fiancé with a romantic dinner on their anniversary.
4. Her fiancé proposed with a beautiful engagement ring at the beach.
5. The bride-to-be and her fiancé eagerly planned their dream wedding.
6. Their families celebrated the engagement of their son and his fiancé.

History and etymology of fiancé

The noun 'fiancé' has its etymological roots in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'fiancier,' which means 'to promise' or 'to betroth.' This term, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'fidare,' which means 'to trust' or 'to have confidence in.' In the context of marriage, 'fiancé' refers to a person, specifically a man, who is engaged to be married, indicating a commitment to marry based on trust and a promise. It reflects the historical practice of formalizing engagement and betrothal agreements as a precursor to marriage. The etymology of 'fiancé' highlights the trust and commitment inherent in the engagement process, where two people promise to marry each other in the future.

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Further usage examples of fiancé

1. The happy couple shared the news of their engagement with friends.
2. Her fiancé's support was unwavering during her career challenges.
3. The bride-to-be couldn't wait to marry her beloved fiancé.
4. They chose a scenic location for their engagement photoshoot as fiancés.
5. The newly engaged couple was thrilled to begin their life together.
6. Her fiancé proposed to her on a romantic getaway.
7. The couple celebrated their engagement with their families and friends.
8. He picked out a stunning engagement ring to surprise his fiancé.
9. The fiancé took charge of planning the rehearsal dinner for their wedding.
10. As the wedding day approached, the fiancé and his bride-to-be felt excited.
11. The fiancé wrote heartfelt vows to express his love and commitment.
12. His best friends threw him a memorable bachelor party before the wedding.
13. He held back tears as he saw his fiancée walking down the aisle.
14. The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife, leaving behind their titles of fiancé and fiancée.
15. The fiancé supported his wife's career choices and aspirations.
16. He reminisced about the time when he first met his now-wife and fiancée.
17. The couple's journey from fiancé and fiancée to spouses was filled with beautiful moments.
18. Their wedding photos captured the genuine happiness they felt as husband and former fiancé.
19. The fiancé surprised his wife with a romantic anniversary getaway.
20. He proudly introduced himself as her husband, leaving behind the title of fiancé.
21. The couple reflected on the growth of their relationship from fiancé to life partner.
22. The husband and wife faced challenges together, stronger than they were as fiancé and fiancée.
23. His love for his wife deepened with each passing day of their marriage.
24. They celebrated their anniversary with joy, grateful for the journey from fiancé to forever partner.



betrothed, stranger, enemy, opponent


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