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How to pronounce flaunt (audio)


Dictionary definition of flaunt

To display or show off something, usually in a bold, conspicuous, or boastful way.
"The students flaunt their rebellious nature to challenge authority."

Detailed meaning of flaunt

It is often used to refer to the act of displaying wealth, beauty, status, or power in order to attract attention or admiration. It can also be used in a more negative way, to refer to someone who is showing off in an arrogant or ostentatious manner, or to refer to someone who is deliberately drawing attention to something that they know will be controversial or provocative. The word is often used to describe someone who is showing off their possessions, such as a luxury car or a designer handbag, in order to gain attention or admiration. It can also be used to describe someone who is showing off their physical appearance, such as by wearing revealing clothing or striking poses. In general, flaunt implies a deliberate and intentional display of something, often with the intention of attracting admiration or envy.

Example sentences containing flaunt

1. She couldn't help but flaunt her new designer handbag at the party.
2. The wealthy businessman loved to flaunt his luxurious lifestyle on social media.
3. He decided to flaunt his culinary skills by hosting a gourmet dinner party.
4. The pop star always finds a way to flaunt her unique fashion sense on the red carpet.
5. Despite her humility, her talent was impossible to hide, and she had to flaunt it.
6. Some people flaunt their success, while others prefer to keep it low-key.

History and etymology of flaunt

The verb 'flaunt' has an etymology that leads us to the French language. It is derived from the Old French word 'flaunter,' which means 'to flout' or 'to scorn.' The Old French term 'flaunter' has its roots in the Latin word 'fluctuare,' which means 'to wave' or 'to flutter.' Over time, 'flaunt' evolved to describe the act of displaying or showing off something, often in a bold, conspicuous, or boastful manner. When someone flaunts something, they draw attention to it and, in some cases, may even appear to be showing it off in a way that could be perceived as boastful or proud. Therefore, the etymology of 'flaunt' reflects its historical connection to the idea of waving or displaying something in a conspicuous manner, emphasizing the act of drawing attention to one's possessions or attributes, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of flaunt

1. He would often flaunt his athleticism with daring stunts and tricks.
2. She had no choice but to flaunt her singing talent when asked to perform.
3. The art collector loved to flaunt his valuable paintings in his grand gallery.
4. It's not his style to flaunt his achievements; he's a modest and humble person.
5. The fashion model knew how to flaunt the latest trends effortlessly on the runway.
6. They flaunt their wealth, unaware of the consequences.
7. She used to flaunt her beauty to gain attention.
8. He flaunt his success to make others feel inferior.
9. The company flaunt their achievements without acknowledging their failures.
10. The celebrities flaunt their lavish lifestyles in the media.
11. The politician flaunt their power to manipulate public opinion.
12. They flaunt their knowledge to assert dominance in conversations.
13. The influencer flaunt their perfect life on social media.
14. The artist flaunt their talent but lack humility.
15. The bullies flaunt their strength to intimidate others.
16. The fashion industry flaunt unrealistic body standards.
17. The businessman flaunt their connections for personal gain.
18. The beauty pageant contestants flaunt their physical attributes.
19. The sports stars flaunt their athleticism but lack sportsmanship.
20. The parents flaunt their children's achievements to boost their own image.
21. The criminals flaunt their illegal activities with impunity.
22. The social media influencers flaunt their sponsored products without disclosure.
23. The media outlets flaunt sensationalized headlines to attract readers.
24. The corrupt politicians flaunt their ill-gotten wealth without remorse.

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