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How to pronounce flotilla (audio)

Dictionary definition of flotilla

A group of vessels or boats that are organized and move together for a common purpose.
"The fishermen set out to sea in a flotilla of small boats."

Detailed meaning of flotilla

The term is typically used to refer to a fleet of small, privately owned boats or yachts, as opposed to a larger navy or commercial fleet. A flotilla can be used for recreational or sporting purposes, such as yachting or fishing, or for more serious purposes such as maritime rescue, military operations, or scientific research. A flotilla may be organized by a government or private organization, and it may be led by a larger vessel or by a designated leader. A flotilla is often seen as a symbol of unity, cooperation, and solidarity, as its members work together to achieve a shared goal.

Example sentences containing flotilla

1. The naval fleet consisted of a powerful flotilla of warships.
2. A flotilla of fishing boats sailed out to sea in search of a bountiful catch.
3. The humanitarian aid was delivered by a flotilla of cargo ships.
4. The parade featured a flotilla of colorful floats representing different cultures.
5. The flotilla of kayaks paddled in unison down the river.
6. The flotilla of small sailboats raced against each other in the regatta.

History and etymology of flotilla

The noun 'flotilla' has its roots in the Spanish word 'flota,' which means 'fleet' or 'group of ships.' 'Flota' itself can be traced back to the Old French term 'flote,' which referred to a fleet of ships. The Old French word 'flote' was derived from the Old High German 'flota' and the Middle Dutch 'vloot,' both of which also meant 'fleet' or 'group of vessels.' The common thread among these linguistic ancestors is the idea of a collection of boats or ships organized and moving together. Consequently, 'flotilla' entered the English language, retaining this fundamental concept of a group of vessels that operate in unison for a shared purpose. Its etymology reflects the historical connections between various European languages and their shared maritime heritage.

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Further usage examples of flotilla

1. The rescue mission was carried out by a flotilla of helicopters.
2. A flotilla of canoes made its way through the serene lake.
3. The pirate ships formed a menacing flotilla as they approached the merchant vessel.
4. The search and rescue team deployed a flotilla of inflatable rafts.
5. The environmental organization sent a flotilla of boats to protest against oil drilling.
6. The flotilla of yachts sailed in formation during the prestigious sailing event.
7. The harbor was filled with a colorful flotilla of boats during the festive parade.
8. The naval exercise involved a flotilla of submarines and destroyers.
9. The river was crowded with a flotilla of tourist boats, showcasing the city's landmarks.
10. A flotilla of coast guard vessels patrolled the coastal waters to ensure safety.
11. The explorers embarked on a journey accompanied by a flotilla of support boats.
12. The space mission deployed a flotilla of satellites to gather data from different orbits.
13. The kayakers joined a flotilla of enthusiasts to clean up the river.
14. The historical reenactment involved a flotilla of replica ships from the era.



fleet, single, solitary, individual


Collaboration and Teamwork, Traverse and Teeter, Travel and Transportation

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