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How to pronounce flushed (audio)


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Dictionary definition of flushed

Appearing red or pink due to various reasons, such as embarrassment, exertion, heat, or heightened emotions.
"His romantic gesture made her heart race and her cheeks flushed with delight."

Detailed meaning of flushed

When someone is flushed, their skin takes on a noticeable reddish hue, indicating an increased blood flow to the surface of the skin. This can occur as a physiological response to intense physical activity, excitement, anger, or embarrassment. The term "flushed" is often used to describe a temporary and transient change in the coloration of the skin, usually lasting for a short duration. It can be accompanied by sensations of warmth or a tingling sensation. Additionally, "flushed" can also be used metaphorically to describe a feeling of exhilaration or excitement, as if one's emotions are surging to the point of causing a visible physical reaction. Overall, the adjective "flushed" signifies a temporary change in skin coloration or an emotional state that is evident through the physical appearance of the face.

Example sentences containing flushed

1. After running a marathon, I was flushed and drenched in sweat.
2. The embarrassing comment made her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
3. The spicy food made my face flushed and my mouth burning.
4. The runner crossed the finish line, flushed with triumph.
5. She felt flushed with excitement as she received the award.
6. The sunburn left his skin red and flushed.

History and etymology of flushed

The adjective 'flushed' is linked to the Middle English word 'flusshen,' which meant to fly or rush suddenly. This Middle English term, in turn, had connections to Old French 'flus,' signifying a sudden flow or rush. Over time, 'flushed' came to describe the red or pink appearance of someone's skin due to various reasons, such as embarrassment, exertion, heat, or heightened emotions. The term captures the idea of a sudden and often intense rush of blood to the skin's surface, resulting in a reddening or pinkening of the complexion. The etymology of 'flushed' highlights its historical connection to this phenomenon, emphasizing the visual aspect of skin color changes associated with heightened physical or emotional states.

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Further usage examples of flushed

1. The romantic gesture left her flushed with happiness.
2. The intense workout session left me flushed and out of breath.
3. The passionate kiss left her flushed and craving for more.
4. The embarrassing mistake made him feel flushed with shame.
5. The hot weather made everyone's faces flushed and sweaty.
6. The compliment from her crush made her cheeks flushed with joy.
7. The thrilling roller coaster ride left her flushed and exhilarated.
8. The intense argument left both parties flushed with anger.
9. The surprise announcement left the room flushed with anticipation.
10. The successful business deal left him flushed with pride.
11. The sudden realization made her flushed with fear.
12. The laughter-inducing joke left the entire group flushed with amusement.
13. The vigorous dance routine left her flushed and energized.
14. The overwhelming emotions made her flushed and teary-eyed.



reddened, pale, colorless, ashen


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