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How to pronounce foist (audio)


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Dictionary definition of foist

To impose or force something unwanted or unnecessary onto someone else, often through deception or manipulation.
"The salesman tried to foist the inferior product onto the customer."

Detailed meaning of foist

It can also refer to the act of passing off a fake or inferior product or service as genuine or high-quality. When used in this context, the term "foist" implies a sense of deceit or dishonesty, and suggests that the person or organization engaged in this activity is trying to take advantage of others. Overall, the term "foist" implies a sense of imposition or coercion, and suggests that the thing being described is being forced upon someone else against their will or better judgment.

Example sentences containing foist

1. The boss tried to foist the blame onto the employees.
2. The politician tried to foist the controversial policy onto the public.
3. The teacher tried to foist the outdated teaching methods onto the students.
4. The vendor tried to foist the unnecessary upgrade onto the client.
5. The parent tried to foist their aspirations onto their child.
6. The friend tried to foist their unwanted advice onto the other.

History and etymology of foist

The verb 'foist' has an etymology that can be traced back to Dutch and German origins. It is believed to have evolved from the Dutch word 'vuisten,' which means 'to take into one's hand' or 'to seize.' In German, a similar word, 'fäusten,' was used with a similar meaning. Over time, 'foist' made its way into English, retaining the sense of imposing or forcing something unwanted or unnecessary onto someone else, often through deception or manipulation. The etymology of 'foist' underscores the idea of thrusting something upon another person, sometimes slyly or dishonestly, highlighting the element of imposition and trickery associated with this word's usage.

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Further usage examples of foist

1. The manager tried to foist the unpopular task onto the team member.
2. The director tried to foist the unrealistic deadline onto the production team.
3. The coach tried to foist the unsuccessful strategy onto the players.
4. The company tried to foist the responsibility onto the third-party vendor.
5. The consultant tried to foist their ineffective plan onto the client.
6. The salesman tried to foist an expensive warranty on me.
7. She managed to foist her responsibilities onto her colleague.
8. He attempted to foist his opinion on the group.
9. The boss wanted to foist the tedious task on the intern.
10. They tried to foist their agenda on the unsuspecting audience.
11. The chef didn't want to foist the bland dish on the customers.
12. He wouldn't let them foist their outdated technology on the team.
13. The politician attempted to foist blame onto his opponent.
14. She refused to let them foist their rules on her.
15. The company tried to foist unnecessary fees on its customers.
16. The teacher didn't want to foist too much homework on the students.
17. They sought to foist their beliefs on the entire community.
18. He wouldn't let them foist their restrictions on his creativity.
19. The manager tried to foist a last-minute project on the team.
20. She felt they were trying to foist their traditions on her.
21. The vendor tried to foist low-quality products on the market.
22. The company wanted to foist a new policy on its employees.
23. The government attempted to foist additional taxes on the citizens.
24. He resisted their attempts to foist their decisions onto him.
25. The team leader wouldn't let them foist an inexperienced member on them.
26. They refused to let the committee foist its agenda on them.
27. The producer didn't want to foist a subpar script on the director.
28. The coach wouldn't let them foist an unfit player onto the team.
29. The supplier tried to foist defective parts on the manufacturer.
30. She was determined not to let anyone foist their limitations on her dreams.



impose, reject, refuse, decline


GRE 1 (Graduate Record Examination), Deceit and Pretense, Deception and Trickery

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