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How to pronounce freestanding (audio)

Dictionary definition of freestanding

Self-supporting and independent, capable of standing on its own without requiring external support or attachment to another structure.
"The freestanding bathtub in the master bathroom adds an elegant touch."

Detailed meaning of freestanding

It describes an object, structure, or piece of furniture that is designed to be stable and structurally sound without being affixed to a wall or any other supporting surface. A freestanding object is intended to remain upright and stable without the need for additional support or anchoring. Common examples of freestanding items include sculptures, statues, bookshelves, cabinets, or even houses. Freestanding structures are often versatile and movable, providing flexibility in their placement and usage. They offer the convenience of being able to be positioned or relocated as desired, without compromising their stability or functionality. The term "freestanding" implies autonomy, self-sufficiency, and the ability to exist independently within a given space or environment.

Example sentences containing freestanding

1. She placed her books on a freestanding bookshelf by the window.
2. The freestanding monument in the park commemorates a historical event.
3. The artist's latest installation is a unique, freestanding sculpture.
4. They decided to get a freestanding refrigerator for their new kitchen.
5. The old library was a beautiful, freestanding edifice in the heart of the city.
6. The freestanding gazebo provided a cool spot of shade on hot summer days.

History and etymology of freestanding

The adjective 'freestanding' is a compound word formed from two distinct components: 'free' and 'standing.' The word 'free' has Old English origins, coming from the word 'freo,' which meant 'not in bondage' or 'not enslaved.' 'Standing,' on the other hand, also has Old English roots, originating from the word 'standan,' meaning 'to stand' or 'to be upright.' When these two words are combined, 'freestanding' takes on the meaning of something that is self-supporting and independent, capable of standing on its own without needing external support or attachment to another structure. The etymology of 'freestanding' encapsulates the idea of something being free from reliance on other supports, able to maintain its position independently.

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Further usage examples of freestanding

1. For her art project, she designed a freestanding structure made from recycled materials.
2. His new apartment features a freestanding fireplace in the living room.
3. The freestanding sign was visible from a long distance, guiding travelers to their destination.
4. The freestanding mirror in her bedroom was a gift from her grandmother.
5. We set up a freestanding tent in the backyard for the children's playtime.
6. The freestanding sculpture captivated everyone with its unique design.
7. A freestanding bookshelf adds elegance and functionality to the room.
8. The freestanding hammock swayed gently in the breeze.
9. They opted for a freestanding bathtub as the centerpiece of their bathroom.
10. The freestanding cabin offered a secluded retreat in the woods.
11. The freestanding solar panels powered the entire off-grid cabin.
12. A freestanding kitchen island provides extra counter space.
13. The freestanding ladder was essential for reaching high shelves.
14. The freestanding fire pit warmed their outdoor gatherings.
15. The freestanding tent made camping in the wilderness a breeze.
16. A freestanding mirror added depth to the small dressing room.
17. The freestanding trellis supported the climbing vines beautifully.
18. Their freestanding deck offered a panoramic view of the valley.
19. A freestanding air conditioner kept the room cool during summer.
20. The freestanding whiteboard made brainstorming sessions easy.
21. She admired the freestanding globe in the library.
22. A freestanding punching bag helped him stay in shape.
23. The freestanding fence enclosed the backyard securely.
24. The freestanding bar counter was perfect for entertaining guests.
25. A freestanding basketball hoop provided hours of outdoor fun.



independent, attached, dependent, connected


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