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How to pronounce frill (audio)

Dictionary definition of frill

A decorative or ornamental feature, typically characterized by a series of delicate, gathered, or fluted fabric or material.
"The curtains were adorned with a delicate lace frill along the edges."

Detailed meaning of frill

Frills are often found as decorative trimmings or embellishments on clothing, such as dresses, blouses, or cuffs, adding an element of elegance or femininity. They can also be used in the design of home furnishings, such as curtains, pillows, or bedding, to enhance their visual appeal. Frills are usually made by gathering or pleating a thin strip of fabric, which is then attached to the edge or surface of an item. They can vary in size, shape, and intricacy, ranging from subtle and understated to voluminous and extravagant. Frills are often associated with vintage or formal attire, adding a touch of charm, grace, or playfulness to the overall aesthetic. Whether utilized in fashion or interior design, frills serve to create visual interest and add a delightful, decorative flourish to various items.

Example sentences containing frill

1. The frill on her dress gave it a touch of elegance and sophistication.
2. She added a frill of ribbon to the collar of her blouse for a feminine touch.
3. The frill on the baby's romper added an adorable and charming detail.
4. The Victorian-era dress was adorned with ruffles and frills, showcasing intricate craftsmanship.
5. The frill on the pillowcase added a subtle hint of luxury to the bedroom decor.
6. The dancer's twirling skirt had layers of frills that created a mesmerizing effect on stage.

History and etymology of frill

The noun 'frill' has its origins in Middle English, where it was known as 'frylle' or 'frille.' It is believed to be related to the Old French word 'frimousse,' which meant 'a grimace' or 'a wry face.' Over time, the term 'frill' evolved to refer to a decorative or ornamental feature, particularly in clothing or textiles. This transformation likely occurred because the delicate, gathered, or fluted fabric or material used in such decorations might have been associated with facial expressions or gestures. The etymology of 'frill' highlights its historical connection to decorative elements characterized by their delicate and often intricate design, which adds a touch of elegance or embellishment to various items, including clothing and textiles.

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Further usage examples of frill

1. The vintage tea set featured delicate frills along the teacup handles and saucers.
2. The frill on the wedding gown cascaded down the back, creating a stunning focal point.
3. The little girl's dress was adorned with frills that made her feel like a princess.
4. The chef added a frill of fresh herbs as a final garnish to the beautifully plated dish.
5. The costume designer incorporated frills into the theatrical costumes, adding visual flair to the stage production.
6. Her dress was adorned with an elegant lace frill at the neckline.
7. The curtains added a touch of sophistication with their frill.
8. The wedding gown featured intricate frill detailing.
9. The table setting was exquisite, complete with a lace frill.
10. The room's decor was adorned with a delicate frill motif.
11. She wore a hat adorned with a flamboyant feather frill.
12. The cake was a masterpiece, adorned with edible frill.
13. The vintage sofa had ornate wooden frill on the armrests.
14. The Victorian lampshade had a frill of silk tassels.
15. Her blouse was decorated with a charming ruffle frill.
16. The doll's dress had a frill that matched the little girl's.
17. The costume was stunning, featuring a sequined frill.
18. The pillowcases were embroidered with an intricate frill.
19. The curtains' frill added a touch of elegance to the room.
20. Her outfit was complete with a frill of pearls at the hem.
21. The Victorian gown had a lace frill cascading down the back.
22. The invitations had a delicate frill border in gold.
23. The chair cushions were adorned with a plush frill.
24. The canopy bed had an opulent frill of silk drapery.
25. The chef's plating featured an edible sugar frill.



ruffle, plainness, simplicity, starkness


Cleanliness and Upkeep, Passion and Pulchritude, Aesthetic and Appearance

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