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How to pronounce fund (audio)

Dictionary definition of fund

A sum of money or financial resources that are set aside, collected, or allocated for a particular purpose or cause.
"The scholarship fund provided financial aid to deserving students."

Detailed meaning of fund

Funds are often managed by organizations, institutions, or individuals to support specific projects, initiatives, or activities. They can come from various sources, such as donations, investments, government allocations, or grants. Funds play a crucial role in providing financial stability and resources for endeavors such as research, education, healthcare, social services, or charitable activities. They serve as a reservoir of monetary support that enables the pursuit of goals, the implementation of plans, or the provision of assistance. Effective fund management involves careful planning, budgeting, and oversight to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and utilized in accordance with the intended objectives. Funds are essential tools for promoting progress, facilitating change, and addressing societal needs across various domains.

Example sentences containing fund

1. The organization established a fund to support underprivileged children's education.
2. She contributed a generous amount to the disaster relief fund.
3. The government allocated a significant portion of the budget to the healthcare fund.
4. The startup raised funds from investors to fuel its expansion plans.
5. The community rallied together to create a fund for local small businesses affected by the pandemic.
6. The charity set up a fund to assist homeless individuals in finding housing.

History and etymology of fund

The noun 'fund' has its origins in the Latin word 'fundus,' which referred to the bottom or base of something, particularly the soil or land. Over time, this Latin term evolved to encompass the notion of a foundation or a source from which something can be derived. In the financial context, 'fund' came to represent a sum of money or financial resources that are set aside, collected, or allocated for a specific purpose or cause. The etymology of 'fund' thus reflects its historical connection to the idea of a stable base or source of financial support, emphasizing its role as a resource from which financial activities can grow and be sustained.

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Further usage examples of fund

1. The retirement fund provided financial security for retirees.
2. The environmental organization used the funds to protect endangered species.
3. The museum received a substantial donation to establish an art acquisition fund.
4. The emergency fund helped individuals cope with unexpected financial crises.
5. The university established a research fund to support groundbreaking scientific studies.
6. The charity received a generous fund to support its initiatives.
7. They established a fund for their children's education.
8. The government allocated a significant fund for healthcare.
9. The startup secured a substantial investment fund.
10. A scholarship fund was created to aid deserving students.
11. The pension fund ensures financial security in retirement.
12. The disaster relief fund assists those in need after calamities.
13. They contributed to the community development fund.
14. The university relies on an endowment fund for scholarships.
15. A mutual fund offers diversification for investors.
16. The emergency fund helped cover unexpected expenses.
17. The arts organization relies on grants from a cultural fund.
18. They initiated a fund for conservation efforts.
19. The city council debated the allocation of the budget fund.
20. The hedge fund manager specializes in high-risk investments.
21. The venture capital fund supports innovative startups.
22. Donations to the wildlife fund protect endangered species.
23. The nonprofit organization relies on donations to its fund.
24. The retirement fund offers financial peace of mind.
25. The research fund fuels groundbreaking scientific discoveries.



reserve, debt, liability, deficit


Compensation and Rewards, Strategic Planning and Execution, Money and Finance

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