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How to pronounce funicular (audio)


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Dictionary definition of funicular

A type of cable railway that operates on a steep incline, often found in mountainous regions or hilly cities.
"The funicular made it easy for us to get to the top of the ski slope."


Detailed meaning of funicular

It consists of two cars connected by a cable that runs up and down a track, with each car counterbalancing the other. As one car ascends, the other descends, providing a safe and efficient way to transport people and goods up and down steep slopes. Funiculars are often powered by electricity or diesel engines and are designed to operate on a steep incline, sometimes reaching gradients of up to 45 degrees. They are commonly used as a tourist attraction or to transport people to and from areas that would otherwise be difficult to access by foot or car. Some cities have integrated funiculars into their public transportation systems as a way to connect different parts of the city.

Example sentences containing funicular

1. The funicular provided breathtaking views as it ascended the mountain.
2. Tourists rode the funicular to reach the hilltop castle.
3. The city's historic district featured a charming old funicular.
4. Residents used the funicular for their daily commute.
5. The funicular's steep incline offered an exhilarating ride.
6. A group of friends enjoyed a scenic ride on the funicular.

History and etymology of funicular

The noun 'funicular' draws its etymology from the Latin word 'funiculus,' which means 'a small rope' or 'cord.' This term evolved from 'funis,' which simply means 'rope' in Latin. The connection between 'funicular' and its Latin roots is evident in the mechanism of a funicular railway, where a cable or rope plays a central role in its operation. Funicular railways are designed to traverse steep inclines, and they rely on a system of cables and pulleys to move the railway cars up and down the hillside. Therefore, the term 'funicular' encapsulates the concept of a railway system that utilizes ropes or cables, reflecting its linguistic origins in the Latin word for 'rope.'

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Further usage examples of funicular

1. The funicular's tracks wound through the picturesque forest.
2. The modern funicular was a marvel of engineering.
3. Passengers marveled at the engineering behind the funicular.
4. The funicular offered a convenient way to access the ski slopes.
5. Riding the funicular was an adventure in itself.
6. The funicular's cable cars provided stunning vistas.
7. The historic funicular was a beloved city landmark.
8. The funicular's descent was as thrilling as the ascent.
9. Passengers lined up for a ride on the popular funicular.
10. The funicular's operators ensured a safe journey.
11. The old funicular was a testament to the city's heritage.
12. The funicular's route took passengers to a hidden viewpoint.
13. A family rode the funicular to explore the mountain trails.
14. The funicular offered a unique way to experience the city's beauty.
15. The funicular provided a breathtaking view of the mountainous terrain.
16. We rode the funicular to the top of the hill to take in the cityscape.
17. The funicular was designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
18. The city's funicular is a popular tourist attraction, especially during the summer months.
19. The funicular ride was smooth and comfortable, with beautiful scenery all around.
20. The funicular connects the old town with the new town, making transportation between the two easier.
21. The funicular was closed for maintenance, so we had to hike up the mountain instead.
22. The funicular operator provided us with interesting facts about the history of the railway.
23. The funicular's speed was regulated to ensure passenger safety.
24. The funicular's cable snapped during a storm, causing a temporary shutdown.
25. The funicular's platform was crowded with tourists eager to experience the ride.



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