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How to pronounce generous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of generous

Possessing a willingness to give, share, or provide without expecting anything in return.
"The generous tip from the satisfied customer made the waiter's day."

Detailed meaning of generous

It refers to individuals who exhibit a kind and selfless nature, often characterized by acts of kindness, benevolence, and open-handedness. A generous person is inclined to offer their time, resources, or assistance to help others or contribute to their well-being. They exhibit a genuine concern for the needs and happiness of others, often going above and beyond what is expected. This attribute extends beyond material possessions and can include generosity of spirit, where individuals display compassion, empathy, and understanding towards others. A generous person is known for their capacity to give, whether it be in the form of charitable donations, acts of service, or simply offering support and encouragement. Their generosity stems from a sense of abundance, gratitude, and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

Example sentences containing generous

1. She is known for her generous nature and always helps those in need.
2. The generous donation from the community helped rebuild the local school.
3. My boss gave me a generous bonus for my hard work.
4. The restaurant provided generous portions of food for the customers.
5. He received a generous scholarship that covered his tuition fees.
6. She offered a generous discount to her loyal customers.

History and etymology of generous

The adjective 'generous' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'generosus,' which originally meant 'of noble birth' or 'noble-minded.' This term is derived from 'genus,' which means 'race,' 'stock,' or 'family.' In ancient Rome, being 'generous' was associated with the nobility, as they were expected to be open-handed and willing to share their wealth with others. Over time, the meaning of 'generous' evolved to describe individuals who possess a willingness to give, share, or provide without expecting anything in return. The etymology of 'generous' reflects its historical connection to the concept of nobility and the idea that true nobility extends beyond one's birth to encompass the noble qualities of kindness and open-heartedness.

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Further usage examples of generous

1. The generous host invited everyone to stay at their house for the weekend.
2. He has a generous heart and is always willing to lend a hand.
3. The company's generous maternity leave policy supports working mothers.
4. We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors.
5. The kind stranger showed a generous act of kindness by paying for my groceries.
6. Her generous heart led her to donate to multiple charities.
7. The generous offer included free shipping and a discount.
8. His generous spirit made him a beloved community figure.
9. They received a generous gift from an anonymous donor.
10. She offered a generous helping of food to the hungry guests.
11. The boss showed a generous amount of appreciation to her team.
12. Their generous support helped the local shelter immensely.
13. The generous scholarship eased her financial burden.
14. He had a generous nature, always ready to lend a hand.
15. The company's generous benefits package attracted top talent.
16. She made a generous contribution to the school's fundraiser.
17. His generous tip made the waiter's day brighter.
18. The generous grant funded vital research projects.
19. She had a generous supply of patience with her students.
20. Their generosity extended to helping strangers in need.
21. The hotel's generous amenities delighted the guests.
22. A generous smile can brighten anyone's day.
23. His generous offer of assistance was greatly appreciated.
24. The community admired her generous acts of kindness.
25. Generous souls often find happiness in giving.



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