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How to pronounce gimmick (audio)

Dictionary definition of gimmick

A trick or device intended to attract attention, often with the goal of selling a product or promoting an idea.
"The restaurant's gimmick was serving food on unconventional dishes."

Detailed meaning of gimmick

Gimmicks can take many forms, such as clever slogans, catchy jingles, eye-catching packaging, or flashy displays. They are often used in advertising, marketing, and promotions to create a memorable or unique impression in the minds of consumers. Gimmicks can also be used in entertainment, such as in magic tricks or novelty acts. However, while gimmicks can be effective in gaining attention, they are often criticized for being superficial, misleading, or manipulative. Some people may view gimmicks as a sign of desperation or lack of substance, while others may enjoy the playful or creative aspects of them. Overall, the use of gimmicks is a common strategy for capturing people's attention and interest in various contexts.

Example sentences containing gimmick

1. The marketing team brainstormed a new gimmick to boost product sales.
2. His presentation relied on a catchy gimmick to engage the audience.
3. The infomercial featured a quirky gimmick to sell kitchen gadgets.
4. The flashy gimmick in the commercial drew viewers' curiosity.
5. The campaign's gimmick was a mascot to promote the brand.
6. The app's success was partly due to its unique gimmick.

History and etymology of gimmick

The noun 'gimmick' has its etymological origins somewhat shrouded in uncertainty. It is believed to have emerged in the late 19th century as American slang. While the precise origin remains unclear, 'gimmick' quickly gained popularity to describe a trick or device intended to attract attention, often used for promoting products or ideas. It often involves a clever or novel approach that grabs people's interest, making it a useful tool in marketing and advertising. 'Gimmick' implies a sense of novelty, sometimes even a sense of trickery, in the attempt to captivate an audience or potential customers. It can be something playful and entertaining or a strategic ploy designed to make a product or message stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Further usage examples of gimmick

1. The magician's latest showstopper was a mind-bending gimmick.
2. The politician's speeches lacked substance, relying solely on gimmicks.
3. The restaurant's gimmick was serving meals in miniature portions.
4. The contest's gimmick involved solving riddles to win prizes.
5. The film's gimmick of 3D technology created a memorable viewing experience.
6. The new marketing gimmick caught everyone's attention.
7. The magician's performance had a surprising gimmick.
8. The restaurant's gimmick was offering unusual food combinations.
9. He relied on one particular gimmick to stand out.
10. The product's main gimmick was its sleek design.
11. The movie's gimmick was its unique storytelling style.
12. The game show had a clever gimmick to engage viewers.
13. Her costume had a special gimmick that wowed the audience.
14. The advertising campaign used a catchy gimmick to promote the product.
15. The comedian's humor had a clever gimmick behind it.
16. The music video featured an interesting gimmick.
17. The event's gimmick was a surprise guest appearance.
18. The store's gimmick was its interactive shopping experience.
19. The artist's work was known for its artistic gimmick.
20. The company's marketing strategy included a memorable gimmick.
21. The book's gimmick was its unconventional narrative structure.
22. The car's gimmick was its cutting-edge technology.
23. The fashion show had a unique gimmick to showcase the clothing.
24. The software's gimmick was its user-friendly interface.



trick, genuineness, honesty, reality


Annoyance and Irritation, Deceit and Pretense, Astonish and Outlandish

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