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How to pronounce glint (audio)

Dictionary definition of glint

A quick flash or sparkle of light.
"The child's eyes sparkled with a mischievous glint as he plotted a playful prank."

Detailed meaning of glint

It typically refers to a small and brief gleam that catches the eye, often caused by reflection or refraction of light off a shiny or reflective surface. The glint can result from various sources such as sunlight, artificial light, or any other source of illumination. It is commonly associated with metals, glass, water, or other polished or glossy materials. A glint can be observed in various contexts, including nature, where sunlight reflects off the surface of a lake, or in urban settings, where light bounces off the windows of skyscrapers. The word "glint" suggests a momentary and dazzling visual effect, capturing attention and adding a touch of brilliance to the surrounding environment.

Example sentences containing glint

1. The diamond on her finger caught the sunlight and emitted a brilliant glint.
2. The detective's eyes narrowed as he noticed a glint of metal hidden beneath the suspect's jacket.
3. The morning dew created a glint on the grass, making the meadow appear ethereal.
4. As the sun set, the ocean's surface shimmered with a golden glint.
5. The polished silverware reflected a glint of candlelight on the elegant dining table.
6. The hiker's flashlight caught a glint in the distance, revealing a hidden treasure.

History and etymology of glint

The noun 'glint' has its etymological origins in Middle English, where it was spelled as 'glimt.' It is related to the Old Norse word 'glimt,' which means 'a gleam' or 'a flash.' This Old Norse term is ultimately connected to the Proto-Germanic word 'glim-,' which signifies 'brightness' or 'shining.' 'Glint' refers to a brief, quick flash or sparkle of light, often caused by the reflection or refraction of light off a shiny or reflective surface. Its etymology underscores its historical association with the sudden and transient appearance of light, capturing the fleeting nature of these brief moments of brightness or brilliance.

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Further usage examples of glint

1. The artist carefully added a touch of paint to create a glint of light in the subject's eyes.
2. The fighter pilot's visor shielded his eyes from the glint of the sun as he soared through the sky.
3. The sword's blade had a menacing glint, sending shivers down the opponent's spine.
4. The photographer captured a stunning photo of a city skyline with the glint of streetlights against the dark sky.
5. The thief's eyes widened with excitement as he spotted a glint of gold in the museum display.
6. The morning frost turned the landscape into a glinting wonderland.
7. The actress wore a gown adorned with sequins that created a glint with every movement.
8. The glint of a shooting star streaking across the night sky filled the onlookers with awe.
9. The spy discreetly signaled her partner with a quick glint from her pocket mirror.
10. The treasure hunter's eyes lit up with delight when he saw the glint of buried gold.
11. The shattered glass on the floor reflected a glint of moonlight, adding an eerie ambiance to the room.
12. The photographer adjusted her camera settings to capture the glint in the model's eyes during the photo shoot.
13. The glint of a silver coin caught the attention of the children, sparking a frenzied search for more hidden treasures.
14. The glint of sunlight on the water was mesmerizing.
15. His eyes held a mischievous glint before the surprise.
16. The diamond's glint caught her eye from across the room.
17. The glint in his eyes hinted at his excitement.
18. The glint of gold in the riverbed excited the prospectors.
19. Her smile revealed a glint of determination.
20. The city's lights had a magical glint at night.
21. The glint of hope in her words warmed his heart.
22. The glint of frost on the trees created a winter wonderland.
23. A glint of suspicion crossed her face during the interrogation.
24. The glint of recognition in their gazes signaled a reunion.



sparkle, dullness, blandness, dimness

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