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overindulgent, abstemious, moderate, restrained


SAT 2 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 4, Arrogance and Selfishness



How to pronounce gluttonous (audio)


Dictionary definition of gluttonous

Exhibiting an excessive or insatiable desire for food or indulgence.
"She regretted her gluttonous tendencies as she struggled to zip up her jeans after the holiday feasting."

Detailed meaning of gluttonous

It characterizes individuals who consume large quantities of food without restraint or consideration for their own health or the needs of others. A gluttonous person is often depicted as voracious, voraciously consuming meals and seeking constant gratification from culinary experiences. This adjective implies a lack of self-control and a disregard for moderation, suggesting an unhealthy obsession with indulgence and an inability to satisfy one's appetite within reasonable limits.

Example sentences containing gluttonous

1. After a week of strict dieting, she succumbed to her gluttonous cravings and devoured an entire pizza.
2. The buffet offered a tempting array of gluttonous delights, from overflowing plates of pasta to decadent chocolate desserts.
3. His gluttonous appetite knew no bounds as he polished off the entire feast meant for a family of four.
4. The gluttonous bear raided the campsite, devouring everything in its path, including the food supplies.
5. Despite feeling stuffed from the gluttonous dinner, he couldn't resist the urge to indulge in a rich, creamy dessert.
6. The gluttonous squirrel scurried from tree to tree, gobbling up as many acorns as it could find.

History and etymology of gluttonous

The adjective 'gluttonous' is derived from the noun 'glutton,' which has its etymological origins in Middle English. The Middle English term 'glotoun' was borrowed from the Old French word 'gloton,' which, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'gluttonem.' The Latin word 'gluttonem' was formed from 'gluttire,' meaning 'to swallow' or 'to gulp down.' 'Gluttonous' is used to describe individuals who exhibit an excessive or insatiable desire for food or indulgence, often consuming large quantities of food beyond what is necessary or healthy. Its etymology underscores the historical association of gluttony with the act of voracious and indulgent eating, reflecting the notion of overindulgence and excess in one's consumption habits.

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Further usage examples of gluttonous

1. Their gluttonous behavior at the all-you-can-eat buffet drew disapproving glances from other diners.
2. The gluttonous king demanded lavish banquets every night, leaving his kingdom impoverished and hungry.
3. The gluttonous child pleaded for another slice of cake, despite already having eaten two servings.
4. The gluttonous cat sneaked into the kitchen and devoured an entire chicken, bones and all.
5. The gluttonous partygoer shamelessly loaded their plate with an assortment of appetizers, leaving little for others to enjoy.
6. His gluttonous appetite led to an unhealthy lifestyle.
7. The buffet offered a gluttonous array of delicious dishes.
8. Her gluttonous tendencies were evident at the dessert table.
9. A gluttonous feast awaited the hungry holiday guests.
10. The movie depicted a gluttonous character who couldn't stop eating.
11. His gluttonous behavior at the party raised eyebrows.
12. The restaurant served gluttonous portions of comfort food.
13. She felt guilty after her gluttonous binge on sweets.
14. The gluttonous raccoon raided the trash cans every night.
15. The buffet's gluttonous offerings tempted even the disciplined.
16. His gluttonous habits led to weight gain and health problems.
17. The bakery's display was a gluttonous paradise for dessert lovers.
18. The gluttonous king feasted on lavish banquets every night.
19. The holiday season encouraged gluttonous eating traditions.
20. She indulged in gluttonous shopping sprees whenever stressed.
21. The gluttonous consumption of resources harmed the environment.
22. His gluttonous appetite for adventure took him around the world.
23. The gluttonous squirrel hoarded nuts for the winter.
24. The buffet's gluttonous spread left guests satisfied and stuffed.
25. The gluttonous act of devouring the entire cake shocked everyone.

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