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How to pronounce grapevine (audio)


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Dictionary definition of grapevine

The informal, often unreliable spread of information or gossip through word of mouth.
"I heard through the grapevine that he intends to run for promotion."


Detailed meaning of grapevine

This type of communication is typically spread among a group of people or a community, often without any official sources or verification of the information being shared. The grapevine can be both a source of entertainment and a source of frustration, as it can be difficult to distinguish truth from rumor.

Example sentences containing grapevine

1. The grapevine in our backyard is flourishing and producing juicy grapes.
2. I heard through the grapevine that Sarah is getting promoted at work.
3. The grapevine is known for its vibrant green leaves and luscious fruit.
4. Rumors often spread quickly through the grapevine in small towns.
5. Farmers rely on the grapevine to stay updated on the latest agricultural practices.
6. The grapevine's tendrils reached out and wrapped around the trellis for support.

History and etymology of grapevine

The noun 'grapevine' has a fascinating etymology with its roots in American English. It is believed to have originated in the early 19th century during the expansion of the United States westward. The term 'grapevine' alludes to the method of communication employed by early settlers as they traveled across the country. In the absence of formal communication channels, they would often pass information by word of mouth while sitting around campfires or resting under wild grapevines. This informal and often unreliable way of spreading news and gossip through personal conversations became known as the 'grapevine.' Over time, the term expanded beyond its original context to refer to any informal network of communication, often characterized by the rapid and sometimes unverified transmission of information. The etymology of 'grapevine' highlights the historical necessity of informal communication methods during the westward expansion of the United States and the enduring metaphor of the grapevine as a symbol of informal information exchange.

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Further usage examples of grapevine

1. The grapevine's sweet aroma filled the air in the vineyard.
2. We sat under the grapevine, enjoying the shade it provided on a hot summer day.
3. The grapevine's clusters of grapes were ripe and ready for harvest.
4. My grandmother taught me how to make grape jam from the grapes on her grapevine.
5. The grapevine grew along the fence, creating a natural boundary between the properties.
6. Employees often share insider information through the office grapevine.
7. The grapevine in our garden attracts birds that feast on its ripe fruit.
8. The grapevine's leaves turned a beautiful shade of red in the autumn.
9. The grapevine has been a symbol of abundance and fertility for centuries.
10. A secret can never stay hidden for long on the grapevine.
11. The grapevine's delicate flowers bloomed in the spring, signaling the start of grape production.
12. The grapevine provided a picturesque backdrop for our outdoor wedding ceremony.
13. People whispered in hushed tones, spreading the news through the grapevine.
14. The grapevine's vines intertwined, creating a mesmerizing pattern along the fence.



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