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bizarre, normal, attractive, appealing


Complexity and Intricacy, Variety and Diversity, Aesthetic and Appearance



How to pronounce grotesque (audio)


Dictionary definition of grotesque

Characterized by a bizarre, distorted, or repulsively exaggerated appearance or form.
"The horror movie had grotesque scenes of violence."

Detailed meaning of grotesque

It is often used to depict objects, images, or ideas that evoke a sense of discomfort or unease due to their unnatural or unsettling nature. Grotesque elements can be found in various forms of art, literature, and even in the real world, where they challenge conventional notions of beauty and symmetry. The term 'grotesque' is frequently employed to highlight the juxtaposition of contrasting elements, resulting in a peculiar and often unsettling aesthetic. This adjective invites contemplation of the unconventional and prompts viewers to question societal norms and expectations surrounding aesthetics and the human form.

Example sentences containing grotesque

1. The mask had a grotesque expression, making children shriek in fear.
2. The painting revealed a grotesque twist of reality.
3. She found the clown's features oddly grotesque.
4. The garden was filled with grotesque stone statues.
5. I had a dream with grotesque creatures chasing me.
6. His idea of humor was, at best, grotesque.

History and etymology of grotesque

The adjective 'grotesque' has its etymological roots in the Italian word 'grottesco,' which is derived from 'grotta,' meaning 'cave' or 'grotto.' 'Grotesque' describes something characterized by a bizarre, distorted, or repulsively exaggerated appearance or form, often resembling the strange and fantastical shapes that could be found in the ancient cave paintings and decorations of grottoes. The term embodies the concept of the unconventional, strange, and fantastical, often taking on a form that is far from the ordinary or the beautiful. 'Grotesque' is a word that is often used in discussions of art, literature, and architecture to describe elements that evoke a sense of the strange, eerie, or disturbing. It reflects the human capacity for recognizing and sometimes embracing the unconventional and unsettling aspects of creativity and imagination.

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Further usage examples of grotesque

1. The film had grotesque images that were not for the faint-hearted.
2. There was something grotesque about the abandoned theme park.
3. Her novel depicted a world of grotesque beauty.
4. The medicine's side effect caused a grotesque rash on his skin.
5. I couldn't look away from the car crash; it was grotesque.
6. The theater is hosting a play on the grotesque aspects of society.
7. I heard a grotesque rumor about the haunted mansion.
8. The chef presented a grotesque dish that was surprisingly delicious.
9. Her necklace had a grotesque charm, a memento from her travels.
10. It was a grotesque mix of sadness and joy in his eyes.
11. The tree, twisted and gnarled, had a grotesque yet mesmerizing appearance.
12. The carnival had a tent dedicated to grotesque oddities.
13. I stumbled upon a grotesque sculpture in the midst of the forest.
14. Despite its grotesque nature, there was a certain allure to the story.

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