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How to pronounce hacienda (audio)

Dictionary definition of hacienda

A large estate or plantation, usually in a Spanish-speaking country, that is used for agricultural purposes.
"The hacienda was nestled in the lush hills of Mexico."

Detailed meaning of hacienda

The term can also be used to describe the main house or residence on such a property, which is often grand and luxurious in design. Historically, haciendas were important economic centers in Latin America, providing goods like sugar, coffee, and tobacco to markets around the world. Today, many former haciendas have been converted into tourist attractions or residential properties, but some continue to be used for farming or ranching. Overall, the term "hacienda" evokes a sense of opulence and grandeur, as well as a connection to the history and culture of Latin America.

Example sentences containing hacienda

1. The owner of the hacienda oversaw the production of coffee and sugar.
2. The main house of the hacienda was a sprawling, ornate building.
3. The workers on the hacienda toiled in the fields from dawn until dusk.
4. The hacienda's gardens were filled with colorful flowers and fruit trees.
5. The hacienda's courtyard was a popular spot for social gatherings.
6. Visitors to the hacienda were impressed by its size and beauty.

History and etymology of hacienda

The noun 'hacienda' has its origins in Spanish, where it has been in use since the Middle Ages. It is derived from the Latin word 'facienda,' which means 'things to be done' or 'affairs.' In Spanish, 'hacienda' evolved to describe a large estate or plantation, typically found in Spanish-speaking countries, that is used for agricultural purposes. These estates were historically centers of agricultural production, often associated with the cultivation of crops and the raising of livestock. They played a crucial role in the economies of Spanish colonies and were hubs of agricultural activity. Over time, the term 'hacienda' has also come to symbolize a certain style of architecture and a way of life associated with these estates. The etymology of 'hacienda' underscores its historical connection to agricultural and economic activities, particularly in Spanish-speaking regions.

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Further usage examples of hacienda

1. The hacienda's stables housed several prized horses.
2. The hacienda's kitchen was known for its delicious traditional dishes.
3. The hacienda's chapel was a place of worship for the workers.
4. The hacienda's owners lived a life of luxury and privilege.
5. The hacienda's history was tied to the colonial era of Latin America.
6. The old hacienda, steeped in history, welcomed guests seeking rural charm.
7. Don Carlos, the owner, preserved tradition in the heart of the community.
8. Horses roamed freely, adding life to the sprawling hacienda grounds.
9. The library held rare books, revealing the region's rich heritage.
10. Tourists admired the hacienda's art and learned its captivating tales.
11. Local artisans crafted pottery, showcasing their remarkable skills.
12. Hidden springs offered tranquility amid the hacienda's vast acres.
13. Nights sparkled with music and dance beneath the starry skies.
14. Beneath ancient oaks, stories of the past whispered in the breeze.
15. The hacienda's cuisine blended local flavors with global inspiration.
16. The courtyard's fountain soothed with its gentle, rhythmic flow.
17. Guests reveled in the hacienda's warmth and gracious hospitality.
18. Sunset painted the sky in hues that mirrored the land's vibrancy.
19. A tapestry of cultures converged in this historic hacienda.
20. Visitors departed, carrying memories of the hacienda's allure.
21. In every corner, the spirit of the land echoed its rich past.
22. The gardens flourished, a testament to nature's resilience.
23. Families gathered for celebrations beneath the hacienda's arches.
24. Time seemed to slow within the walls of the timeless hacienda.
25. Even today, the hacienda remains a cherished piece of history.



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