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How to pronounce harlot (audio)

Dictionary definition of harlot

A woman who engages in promiscuous or immoral sexual behavior in exchange for money or material possessions.
"He was warned about the treacherous nature of the harlot but couldn't resist her charms."

Detailed meaning of harlot

The term "harlot" is often associated with the past and is derived from a time when society placed a significant emphasis on sexual purity and adherence to societal norms. It carries a negative and judgmental tone, implying moral transgressions and a deviation from accepted standards of virtue. However, it is important to note that the understanding and interpretation of such terms can vary across different cultural and historical contexts, and it is essential to approach such language with sensitivity and respect.

Example sentences containing harlot

1. The historical novel portrayed a harlot's journey to redemption.
2. She played the role of a repentant harlot in the stage production.
3. The harlot's character evolved throughout the story, seeking a better life.
4. In the film, the harlot found love and turned her life around.
5. The harlot's story highlighted the hardships faced by women in the past.
6. The novel explored the harlot's struggle for acceptance in society.

History and etymology of harlot

The noun 'harlot' has an etymology that dates back to Middle English and Old French. It originated from the Old French word 'harlot,' which meant a vagabond or a scoundrel. This Old French term was derived from the Old High German word 'herilo,' which referred to a warrior or a mercenary. Over time, the word 'harlot' shifted in meaning and came to denote a woman who engaged in promiscuous or immoral sexual behavior, often in exchange for money or material possessions. The evolution of the term highlights the historical association between women who were considered to be of low moral character and those who were seen as wandering or engaging in questionable activities. While the word's origins may have been more neutral, its contemporary usage carries a negative and judgmental connotation.

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Further usage examples of harlot

1. Her performance as a harlot earned her critical acclaim.
2. The harlot's tale was a poignant narrative of resilience and hope.
3. The harlot in the story ultimately triumphed over adversity.
4. The harlot's character displayed great strength and courage.
5. The film portrayed the harlot's journey towards a brighter future.
6. The streets of the ancient city were filled with harlots, enticing men with their seductive gazes.
7. The harlot's vibrant red dress caught the attention of every passerby.
8. The wealthy nobleman spent his nights reveling in the company of harlots.
9. The harlot's provocative dance captivated the audience at the burlesque show.
10. The village was scandalized when the local pastor was caught soliciting a harlot.
11. In historical literature, harlots were often portrayed as tragic figures trapped in a life of sin.
12. The harlot's business thrived in the dark corners of the bustling city.
13. Society often looked down upon harlots, considering them a blight on moral decency.
14. The harlot's longing for affection led her down a path of self-destruction.
15. The young man's infatuation with the harlot consumed his every thought.
16. The harlot's eyes were filled with both sadness and a glimmer of hope.
17. Many harlots turned to their profession out of desperation or dire circumstances.
18. The harlot's enticing perfume lingered in the air, leaving a trail of temptation.
19. The harlot's reputation preceded her, making her both feared and desired.
20. The harlot's golden curls cascaded down her shoulders, framing her face like a halo.
21. In some cultures, harlots were seen as symbols of freedom and empowerment.
22. The harlot's lavish lifestyle was funded by the desires of her wealthy patrons.
23. Society's double standards often condemned harlots while turning a blind eye to their male counterparts.
24. The harlot's heart longed for genuine love, but it seemed forever out of her reach.



prostitute, prude, ascetic, chaste


Vilification and Vitriol, Repugnance and Revulsion, Love and Sex

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