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How to pronounce henceforth (audio)

Dictionary definition of henceforth

Referring to a point in time from which a particular action, situation, or rule will be applied or in effect.
"Starting from today, henceforth, I will prioritize my health and well-being."

Detailed meaning of henceforth

It denotes a change or transition to a new and permanent state that begins at a specific moment and continues into the future. 'Henceforth' emphasizes the notion of moving forward from that moment onward and implies a clear break from the past or previous circumstances. It signifies a decision or declaration of intent for a new course of action or a set of rules that will be followed in the future. For example, if a company announces, "Henceforth, all employees must submit their timesheets by Friday," it means that starting from that moment, the new policy of submitting timesheets by Friday will be implemented and enforced. 'Henceforth' serves as a marker of change and sets the stage for a defined period or condition that begins in the present and extends into the future.

Example sentences containing henceforth

1. The committee decided to enforce a stricter code of conduct henceforth.
2. We have realized our mistake and henceforth, we will be more careful in our actions.
3. The company implemented a new policy, henceforth requiring employees to attend monthly training sessions.
4. The team resolved to work more collaboratively, henceforth improving their productivity.
5. The government announced new regulations to reduce pollution, henceforth promoting a cleaner environment.
6. The school administration declared that henceforth, students must wear uniforms.

History and etymology of henceforth

The adverb 'henceforth' is a compound word consisting of 'hence' and 'forth.' 'Hence' finds its origins in Middle English, where it meant 'from here' or 'from this place,' and it can be traced back to the Old English word 'heonan.' 'Forth' has its roots in Old English as well, meaning 'forward' or 'onward.' When combined, 'henceforth' signifies a point in time from which a particular action, situation, or rule will be applied or in effect, emphasizing a forward-looking perspective. Its etymology reflects the notion of progressing or moving forward from a specific moment, marking the beginning of a new state or condition.

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Further usage examples of henceforth

1. The CEO stated that henceforth, transparency and accountability would be the guiding principles of the organization.
2. The board of directors decided that henceforth, all decisions would require unanimous approval.
3. Following the incident, the security measures were heightened, and henceforth, stricter access controls were enforced.
4. The manager announced that henceforth, the office would close at 5 p.m. sharp.
5. The organization pledged to donate a portion of its profits to charity henceforth.
6. The city council passed a resolution to ban single-use plastics, henceforth promoting sustainability.
7. The committee decided that henceforth, meetings would be held twice a month instead of once.
8. The homeowners' association introduced new rules, henceforth restricting the size and type of fences allowed.
9. The university implemented a new grading system, henceforth emphasizing continuous assessment.
10. The team captain declared that henceforth, punctuality and dedication would be the team's core values.
11. The government announced tax incentives for renewable energy investments, henceforth encouraging green initiatives.
12. The management team agreed to provide regular performance feedback to employees, henceforth fostering growth and development.
13. The company decided to prioritize customer satisfaction, henceforth focusing on improving their services.



from now on, previously, before, in the past


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