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How to pronounce heterogeneous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of heterogeneous

Diversity, variation, or a mixture of dissimilar elements.
"The society was heterogeneous, composed of different classes and social groups."

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Detailed meaning of heterogeneous

When something is described as heterogeneous, it indicates that it is made up of different components, qualities, or types that may not necessarily be uniform or similar in nature. This term is often used to denote the presence of a wide range of distinct attributes within a single entity or group. In a heterogeneous mixture, the individual components retain their individual properties and can be visually distinguished. Whether applied to substances, populations, or concepts, 'heterogeneous' highlights the coexistence of varied and contrasting elements within a larger context, emphasizing the lack of uniformity or homogeneity.

Example sentences containing heterogeneous

1. The city's population is highly heterogeneous, with people from all over the world.
2. The heterogeneous blend of spices created a unique and flavorful dish.
3. Her art collection is a testament to her love for heterogeneous styles.
4. The heterogeneous group of students brought various talents to the project.
5. The neighborhood is known for its heterogeneous architecture.
6. The team's success is due to their heterogeneous skills and backgrounds.

History and etymology of heterogeneous

The adjective 'heterogeneous' has its roots in Greek. It is formed by combining two Greek words: 'heteros,' meaning 'different' or 'other,' and 'genos,' meaning 'kind' or 'type.' Therefore, 'heterogeneous' etymologically conveys the idea of a composition that includes diverse or dissimilar elements. When something is described as 'heterogeneous,' it signifies a mixture characterized by diversity, variation, or the presence of dissimilar kinds or types. The etymology of 'heterogeneous' underscores the concept of difference or diversity among the elements comprising the whole, emphasizing the coexistence of various distinct components within a larger entity or context.

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Further usage examples of heterogeneous

1. The forest is a heterogeneous mix of tall pines and deciduous trees.
2. The music festival showcased a heterogeneous lineup of artists.
3. Their heterogeneous interests made for lively dinner conversations.
4. The conference attracted a heterogeneous audience of professionals.
5. The company values a heterogeneous workforce for innovation.
6. The menu offers a heterogeneous selection of international cuisine.
7. The heterogeneous terrain of the region provides endless adventure.
8. In the bustling market, you'll find a heterogeneous array of goods.
9. The city's charm lies in its heterogeneous neighborhoods.
10. The research team analyzed a heterogeneous dataset for insights.
11. The art gallery displayed a heterogeneous collection of sculptures.
12. The heterogeneous nature of the ecosystem supports abundant wildlife.
13. The project's success relies on a heterogeneous team's collaboration.
14. The museum's exhibit featured a heterogeneous display of artifacts.
15. The population of the city was heterogeneous, composed of many different ethnic groups.
16. The company's workforce was heterogeneous, composed of employees from different backgrounds and cultures.
17. The ecosystem was heterogeneous, composed of many different species of plants and animals.
18. The class was heterogeneous, composed of students with different levels of knowledge and skills.
19. The organization was heterogeneous, composed of different departments and units.
20. The market was heterogeneous, composed of many different products and competitors.
21. The community was heterogeneous, composed of different age groups and professions.
22. The sample was heterogeneous, composed of different types of materials.
23. The team was heterogeneous, composed of members with different expertise and experience.
24. The culture was heterogeneous, composed of different traditions and customs.
25. The environment was heterogeneous, composed of different types of habitats and conditions.



mixed, homogeneous, uniform, identical


GRE 4 (Graduate Record Examination), Comparison and Contrast, Complexity and Intricacy, Anomaly and Difference, Variety and Diversity, Opposites and Differences

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