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How to pronounce hillbilly (audio)

Dictionary definition of hillbilly

A person living in rural, mountainous regions, particularly in the United States.
"The hillbilly family enjoyed their simple life in the countryside, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city."

Detailed meaning of hillbilly

It often carries stereotypes and connotations associated with a lack of education, poverty, and a rustic lifestyle. Hillbillies are often portrayed as having strong regional accents, living in isolated communities, and engaging in traditional folk practices. The term can also be used in a derogatory manner, perpetuating negative stereotypes and mocking individuals from these regions. However, it's important to recognize that these stereotypes are inaccurate and unfair generalizations that fail to acknowledge the diversity and richness of cultures within these communities. Like any other group, individuals referred to as hillbillies have their own unique identities, histories, and experiences that deserve respect and understanding.

Example sentences containing hillbilly

1. The movie depicted hillbillies living in the remote Appalachian mountains.
2. The caricature of a hillbilly in the cartoon was filled with exaggerated stereotypes.
3. The comedian's routine included jokes about hillbilly culture, drawing mixed reactions from the audience.
4. She grew up in a small town surrounded by hillbillies, appreciating the tight-knit community.
5. The reality show portrayed the daily lives of a hillbilly family, showcasing their traditions and challenges.
6. Some people use the term hillbilly in a derogatory way, perpetuating stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings.

History and etymology of hillbilly

The noun 'hillbilly' is a colloquial term with a somewhat uncertain etymology. It is believed to have emerged in the United States during the late 19th century. The first element, 'hill,' clearly refers to rural, mountainous regions, often characterized by hilly terrain. The origin of the second element, 'billy,' is less clear. Some theories suggest it may have been influenced by the Scottish and Irish term 'billy,' which referred to a companion or fellow, possibly implying a sense of camaraderie among rural dwellers. However, the exact origin of 'hillbilly' remains a subject of debate among linguists. Over time, 'hillbilly' came to be used as a somewhat derogatory term to describe people living in rural, mountainous areas of the United States, particularly in the Appalachian region, implying a certain stereotype of unsophisticated or isolated living.

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Further usage examples of hillbilly

1. The music festival celebrated the rich heritage of Appalachian folk music, attracting both locals and hillbilly enthusiasts.
2. The hillbilly's rustic cabin was nestled among the rolling hills, offering breathtaking views of the countryside.
3. The novel explored the struggles and resilience of a young hillbilly growing up in poverty.
4. The hillbilly band played lively tunes on banjos and fiddles, capturing the spirit of their cultural heritage.
5. Despite the negative stereotypes, many hillbillies take pride in their heritage and continue to preserve their unique traditions.
6. The hillbilly family lived deep in the Appalachian mountains.
7. He's a true hillbilly, born and raised in the Ozarks.
8. The hillbilly culture is rich with traditions and music.
9. Hillbilly life often revolves around farming and hunting.
10. We met some friendly hillbillies during our road trip.
11. Hillbillies have a strong sense of community in their towns.
12. The hillbilly's cabin was nestled in a remote valley.
13. She was proud of her hillbilly heritage and roots.
14. The hillbilly's banjo playing echoed through the hills.
15. Hillbillies are known for their self-reliance and resourcefulness.
16. They invited us to a traditional hillbilly square dance.
17. The hillbilly lifestyle is simple and down-to-earth.
18. Some hillbillies make a living by crafting handmade goods.
19. The hillbilly folk songs tell stories of life in the mountains.
20. We enjoyed a delicious meal at a local hillbilly diner.
21. The hillbilly's log cabin was a cozy retreat.
22. He had a distinctive hillbilly accent and dialect.
23. Hillbillies have a deep connection to the natural world.
24. The hillbilly community came together for a harvest festival.
25. Their hillbilly homestead was a haven of tranquility.



backwoodsman, urbanite, city-dweller, metropolitan


Community and Society, Disdain and Contempt, Social Status and Hierarchy

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