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How to pronounce hirsute (audio)


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Dictionary definition of hirsute

Covered in an abundant growth of hair, typically referring to body hair.
"The hirsute mane of the lion was a symbol of strength and power."

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Detailed meaning of hirsute

When a person or animal is described as hirsute, it means they have a thick and dense coat of hair that covers their body. This term can be used to characterize individuals with particularly lush or excessive hair growth, and it is often employed in a descriptive or humorous manner. "Hirsute" is commonly associated with features like beards, chest hair, or facial fuzz, and it can be used in both a neutral and affectionate way to describe someone's natural or distinctive physical characteristics related to hairiness.

Example sentences containing hirsute

1. He proudly sported a hirsute beard that garnered attention.
2. The hirsute chest hair peeked out from his unbuttoned shirt.
3. The actor underwent a hirsute transformation for his role as a lumberjack.
4. The hirsute spider had intricate patterns on its furry abdomen.
5. His hirsute arms and legs were often a topic of conversation.
6. The historical figures in the painting had hirsute appearances common to their era.

History and etymology of hirsute

The adjective 'hirsute' traces its origins to the Latin word 'hirsutus,' which means 'shaggy' or 'hairy.' This Latin term itself is derived from 'hirtus,' signifying roughness or hairiness. 'Hirsute' is used to describe individuals or creatures with a significant and often dense covering of hair, particularly body hair. It aptly encapsulates the notion of abundant hair growth, and its etymology reflects the historical association between the word and the presence of copious hair, whether on humans or animals, highlighting its hairy origins in the Latin language.

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Further usage examples of hirsute

1. The hirsute appearance of the dog made it ideal for cold climates.
2. His hirsute brows gave his face a distinctive and rugged look.
3. The hirsute plant had soft, fuzzy leaves that children loved to touch.
4. The hirsute character in the novel was known for his wild hair and beard.
5. The hirsute caterpillar was carefully examined under a magnifying glass.
6. The barbershop specialized in grooming hirsute men with elaborate styles.
7. The jungle explorer had a hirsute body to help regulate temperature.
8. The hirsute texture of the fabric gave the coat a cozy feel.
9. His hirsute chest was exposed as he lounged by the pool.
10. The hirsute nature of the forest floor was evidence of its untouched state.
11. The hirsute character in the fantasy film resembled a mythical creature.
12. The hirsute appearance of the fruit was due to tiny hair-like structures.
13. The hirsute features of the indigenous people adapted them to their environment.
14. The photographer captured the hirsute details of the animal's fur in stunning clarity.



hairy, bald, hairless, smooth

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