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How to pronounce imbecilic (audio)

Dictionary definition of imbecilic

Characterized by extreme foolishness, idiocy, or a severe lack of intelligence.
"His imbecilic choice of words in the interview cost him the job opportunity."

Detailed meaning of imbecilic

It denotes a state of being intellectually deficient, exhibiting a profound inability to comprehend or reason effectively. When something is described as imbecilic, it implies a high degree of stupidity, irrationality, or nonsensical behavior. The term is used to describe actions, ideas, or qualities that are considered extremely foolish, senseless, or absurd. It conveys a sense of contempt or strong disapproval, as it suggests a significant lack of mental capacity or judgment. Overall, the adjective "imbecilic" is used to denote an exceptionally low level of intellectual capacity, characterized by foolishness, idiocy, or a lack of basic cognitive abilities.

Example sentences containing imbecilic

1. His imbecilic remarks during the meeting left everyone astonished.
2. It was an imbecilic decision to drive without a seatbelt.
3. The imbecilic act of climbing the fence without considering the consequences led to his injury.
4. I can't believe she fell for such an imbecilic scam.
5. His imbecilic behavior at the party embarrassed everyone who knew him.
6. The imbecilic argument made no logical sense and only served to confuse the listeners.

History and etymology of imbecilic

The adjective 'imbecilic' is directly derived from the noun 'imbecile,' and both have their origins in the Latin word 'imbecillus.' This Latin term combines 'in' (meaning 'not') and 'baculus' (meaning 'staff' or 'rod'). Originally, 'imbecillus' described physical weakness or feebleness, particularly in reference to children or frail individuals. Over time, it extended to include intellectual weakness or deficiency. 'Imbecilic' therefore characterizes something as having the qualities of extreme foolishness, idiocy, or a severe lack of intelligence. The etymology of 'imbecilic' reflects its historical link to notions of physical and intellectual weakness, emphasizing its role in describing actions, behaviors, or ideas characterized by profound foolishness or a lack of intelligence.

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Further usage examples of imbecilic

1. It was an imbecilic move to quit his stable job without having a backup plan.
2. The imbecilic prank they played on their coworker crossed the line of acceptable behavior.
3. The imbecilic decision to invest in that failing company led to significant financial losses.
4. The imbecilic comment he made exposed his complete lack of understanding on the subject.
5. She couldn't believe the imbecilic mistake he made in his report, undermining the entire project.
6. His imbecilic behavior at the meeting left everyone astonished.
7. The decision to ignore expert advice was utterly imbecilic.
8. We couldn't believe the imbecilic comments he made.
9. Her imbecilic mistake cost the company dearly.
10. The movie's imbecilic plot left audiences disappointed.
11. Making imbecilic choices is not a recipe for success.
12. His imbecilic actions jeopardized the entire project.
13. Such imbecilic remarks have no place in a serious debate.
14. The decision to cut funding was nothing short of imbecilic.
15. The imbecilic prank caused significant damage.
16. His imbecilic behavior tarnished his reputation.
17. We couldn't help but laugh at his imbecilic antics.
18. The imbecilic error was quickly corrected.
19. The imbecilic decision left everyone scratching their heads.
20. We need to avoid making imbecilic mistakes in the future.
21. His imbecilic ideas were met with disbelief.
22. The imbecilic move was a setback for the team.
23. We must not tolerate imbecilic behavior in the workplace.
24. Her imbecilic attitude made it impossible to work with her.
25. We can't afford to indulge in imbecilic thinking.



asinine, wise, intelligent, sensible


Conduct and Character, Scorn and Censure, Mockery and Insults

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