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Definition of 'immense'

Extraordinarily large in size, extent, or magnitude.
"The hiker marveled at the immense size of the ancient redwood trees."

Detailed Meaning of 'immense'

It describes an object, space, or concept that is vast, immense, or colossal in nature. When something is immense, it surpasses ordinary dimensions and can evoke a sense of awe or astonishment. It suggests an enormity that is beyond the ordinary or expected, often implying an overwhelming or boundless quality. The immensity can be physical, such as an immense mountain range or a vast ocean, or it can be metaphorical, representing great influence, power, or significance. Immense objects or landscapes can leave people feeling small and insignificant in their presence, highlighting the scale and grandeur of what lies before them. The term "immense" carries connotations of vastness, enormity, and sheer magnitude, emphasizing the extraordinary and often awe-inspiring nature of the subject being described.


Examples of 'immense' in a Sentence

1. The mountain peak rose before us, its immense size casting a shadow over the valley.
2. The waves crashed against the shore with immense force, shaking the ground beneath our feet.
3. As we entered the stadium, the immense crowd roared with excitement, filling the air with anticipation.
4. The ancient temple stood tall, its immense columns reaching towards the sky.
5. The task ahead seemed daunting, requiring an immense amount of effort and dedication.
6. The scientist made an immense breakthrough in her research, revolutionizing the field of medicine.

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Origins & Etymology of 'immense'

The adjective 'immense' originates from the Latin word 'immensus,' which is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'not') and 'mensus' (meaning 'measured'). 'Immensus' in Latin signified something that was immeasurable or beyond measurement. Over time, as the Latin language influenced English, 'immense' retained its original sense and came to describe something extraordinarily large in size, extent, or magnitude. The etymology of 'immense' underscores its fundamental meaning of being immeasurable or beyond conventional measurement, highlighting its role in describing things of vast and tremendous scale that are difficult to quantify or comprehend accurately.


How to pronounce immense (audio)


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