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luminescence, darkness, dullness, dimness


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How to pronounce incandescence (audio)


Dictionary definition of incandescence

The state or quality of emitting light as a result of being heated to a high temperature.
"The blacksmith worked metal in the incandescence of the forge."

Detailed meaning of incandescence

It is a term used to describe the phenomenon where an object or substance becomes glowing hot, radiating a visible and often intense light. Incandescence typically occurs when an object reaches a temperature at which it emits visible radiation, usually in the form of a warm or white glow. This term is commonly associated with high-temperature processes, such as the glowing filaments in incandescent light bulbs or the red-hot metal in a forge. Incandescence is a captivating and visually striking display of light and heat, often evoking a sense of warmth, energy, and brilliance. It can be observed in various natural and artificial sources, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes in lighting, heating, and artistic expressions.

Example sentences containing incandescence

1. The incandescence of the light bulb bathed the room in a warm glow.
2. As I stoked the fire, the incandescence of the embers mesmerized me.
3. His face lit up with an incandescence that showed his excitement.
4. The incandescence of the setting sun turned the horizon into a fiery canvas.
5. The filament's incandescence provided a vintage feel to the newly renovated café.
6. She noticed a sudden incandescence in his eyes when he spoke about his passion.

History and etymology of incandescence

The noun 'incandescence' has its roots in the Latin word 'incandescens,' which is the present participle of 'incandescere.' 'Incandescere' is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'into') and 'candescere' (meaning 'to become white' or 'to glow'). In Latin, 'incandescence' originally described the process of becoming white-hot or glowing intensely due to high temperature. Over time, the word made its way into English and retained its fundamental meaning of the state or quality of emitting light as a result of being heated to a high temperature. 'Incandescence' emphasizes the radiant and luminous quality that objects or substances achieve when they reach extremely high temperatures, often associated with the production of intense light and heat. The etymology of 'incandescence' underscores its historical connection to the phenomenon of glowing and radiating light due to extreme heat.

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Further usage examples of incandescence

1. The night sky was aglow with the incandescence of a million stars.
2. The fireflies added a magical incandescence to the summer night.
3. The incandescence of her smile could light up the entire room.
4. The gemstone seemed to have an inner incandescence, making it look like it was on fire.
5. They adjusted the lamp to achieve the perfect level of incandescence for reading.
6. The incandescence of the lava flowing down the mountain was both terrifying and beautiful.
7. She wore a dress that shimmered with an incandescence that matched her vibrant personality.
8. During the festival, the streets were lined with lanterns, their incandescence guiding the way for revelers.
9. Incandescence warms our night; a glowing dance of heat and light.
10. The bulb's incandescence cast a warm, inviting glow inside.
11. Incandescence of the stars lit up the distant cosmic bars.
12. Lamps display incandescence, offering warmth and luminescence.
13. "Amazing incandescence!" the child exclaimed in presence.
14. Incandescence from the fire painted shadows, tall and dire.
15. Amidst darkness, incandescence; a silent, glowing essence.
16. Her eyes reflected the fire's wild incandescence inside.
17. The candle's incandescence flickered, casting light around.
18. Iron, in its incandescence, morphs and shapes with essence.
19. Incandescence fills the room, sweeping away the gloom.
20. Artists capture incandescence, painting light with essence.
21. Its incandescence stood bold, bright, fierce, and cold.
22. In the forge, incandescence brings creation and essence.
23. The gem’s incandescence shone, like stars brightly sewn.
24. Incandescence in her gaze; eyes alight, a fiery blaze.
25. Nightfall meets incandescence, a dance of light's essence.
26. The steel's incandescence tells tales of resilience.
27. Firewood’s incandescence crackles with quintessence.
28. Amidst incandescence, night becomes as bright as day.

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