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How to pronounce incubate (audio)

Dictionary definition of incubate

To provide a controlled and supportive environment for the development or growth of something, typically in relation to living organisms or ideas.
"Scientists often incubate bacteria in petri dishes for research."

Detailed meaning of incubate

It involves creating optimal conditions that facilitate the nurturing, maturation, or realization of a particular concept, project, plan, or organism. When applied to living beings, incubation often involves keeping eggs, embryos, or young organisms in a warm and protected environment to promote their development until they are ready to hatch, be born, or grow independently. In a metaphorical sense, incubating can also refer to the act of nurturing and cultivating ideas, innovations, or business ventures by providing the necessary resources, guidance, and time for them to evolve and flourish. The process of incubation implies a deliberate and purposeful approach to foster and support the gradual emergence and realization of potential.

Example sentences containing incubate

1. They need to incubate the eggs for 21 days before they hatch.
2. When it's cold outside, birds will incubate their eggs more frequently.
3. We will incubate the chicken eggs in our classroom to watch them hatch.
4. Some reptiles bury their eggs in the sand to incubate them.
5. I'm going to incubate the yogurt culture overnight.
6. The lab uses specialized equipment to incubate cells in a controlled environment.

History and etymology of incubate

The verb 'incubate' has its roots in Latin, originating from the word 'incubare,' which means 'to lie upon' or 'to hatch.' 'Incubare' is formed from 'in,' indicating 'upon,' and 'cubare,' meaning 'to lie.' Therefore, the etymology of 'incubate' conveys the idea of providing a controlled and supportive environment for the development or growth of something, particularly in relation to living organisms or ideas. It reflects the act of nurturing and fostering the conditions necessary for the successful evolution or realization of a concept, project, or living being. This term has evolved to describe the deliberate and often careful cultivation of ideas, plans, or organisms until they reach a state of readiness or maturity.

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Further usage examples of incubate

1. After adding the enzyme, you should incubate the solution for one hour.
2. She decided to incubate her business idea by joining a startup incubator.
3. When penguins incubate their eggs, they keep them on their feet.
4. The farmer built an electric incubator to incubate the duck eggs.
5. Certain companies incubate innovative ideas to develop them into profitable products.
6. The seeds will incubate in the soil until the conditions are right for germination.
7. When flamingos incubate their eggs, they stand on one leg and tuck the other close to their body.
8. It is necessary to incubate the slide with antibodies to detect specific proteins in the sample.
9. The scientists decided to incubate the bacteria for 48 hours.
10. She plans to incubate her startup idea in a co-working space.
11. The hen will incubate her eggs until they hatch.
12. The innovation lab will incubate new technologies.
13. We need to incubate this concept before presenting it.
14. The greenhouse is perfect to incubate exotic plants.
15. Let's incubate this project in a creative workshop.
16. They will incubate the yogurt at a specific temperature.
17. The university offers a program to incubate student startups.
18. The entrepreneur aims to incubate groundbreaking solutions.
19. The medical team will incubate the cell cultures overnight.
20. We should incubate this opportunity for maximum impact.
21. The museum seeks to incubate young artists' careers.
22. They decided to incubate the fledgling nonprofit organization.
23. Our goal is to incubate fresh talent in the film industry.
24. The research facility will incubate innovative ideas.
25. The community center will incubate youth leadership skills.
26. The nest will incubate the bird's precious eggs.
27. We should incubate this plan until all details are clear.
28. She hopes to incubate a culture of sustainability in her company.



nurture, ignore, neglect, disregard


Advancement and Improvement, Care and Nurture, Creation and Production

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