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How to pronounce ineffable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ineffable

Beyond the capacity of words to adequately describe or express.
"He felt an ineffable sense of oneness with the universe."


Detailed meaning of ineffable

It conveys the idea that a particular experience, emotion, or concept is so profound, extraordinary, or sublime that language falls short in capturing its full essence. When something is ineffable, it implies that it transcends the limits of human expression, often leaving a sense of wonder, awe, or mystery in its wake. For instance, the beauty of a breathtaking natural landscape or the depth of one's love for someone might be described as ineffable, signifying that these experiences are so deep and profound that words cannot do them justice. In essence, "ineffable" highlights the inherent limitations of language when confronted with the most profound and indescribable aspects of human existence and the world around us.

Example sentences containing ineffable

1. The beauty of the sunset was ineffable, beyond words.
2. The feeling of love was ineffable, indescribable.
3. The sense of peace was ineffable, impossible to put into words.
4. The experience of being in nature was ineffable, beyond description.
5. The taste of the food was ineffable, indescribable.
6. The sound of the music was ineffable, impossible to capture in words.

History and etymology of ineffable

The adjective 'ineffable' finds its etymological origins in the Latin language. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'ineffabilis,' which is a combination of 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'effabilis,' meaning 'speakable' or 'utterable.' In its original Latin form, 'ineffabilis' was used to describe something that could not be expressed or spoken about, often because it was considered too sacred, sublime, or beyond the realm of human language and comprehension. This notion of something being beyond the capacity of words to adequately describe or express has carried through to the modern usage of 'ineffable,' where it is used to convey the idea that certain experiences, emotions, or qualities are so profound or extraordinary that words fail to capture their essence fully. This etymology highlights the intrinsic human desire to articulate the inarticulable and the limitations of language in conveying the most sublime aspects of existence.

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Further usage examples of ineffable

1. The sight of the Grand Canyon was ineffable, breathtaking.
2. The sense of awe was ineffable, indescribable.
3. The feeling of gratitude was ineffable, impossible to express.
4. The sensation of being in space was ineffable, indescribable.
5. The beauty of the snow-covered mountain was ineffable, impossible to put into words.
6. The beauty of the sunset was ineffable, leaving us speechless.
7. Words failed to capture the ineffable joy she felt in that moment.
8. The grandeur of the ancient temple was an ineffable sight.
9. The depth of their love was ineffable, beyond any description.
10. The profound grief she experienced was ineffable and overwhelming.
11. The singer's voice had an ineffable quality that touched the souls of the listeners.
12. The aroma of freshly baked bread filled the air with an ineffable scent.
13. The sunset painted the sky with an ineffable palette of colors.
14. The experience of standing on top of the mountain was ineffable, a feeling of pure awe.
15. The mystery of the universe and its origins is ineffable, beyond human comprehension.
16. The profound wisdom of the old sage was expressed through ineffable words.
17. The ineffable tranquility of the lakeside retreat provided solace to the weary travelers.
18. Ineffable happiness radiated from her face as she held her newborn baby.
19. The artist's work evoked an ineffable sense of nostalgia and longing.
20. The profound silence in the chapel carried an ineffable sense of reverence.
21. The beauty of nature's landscapes often leaves us with an ineffable sense of wonder.
22. The ineffable bond between the mother and child was evident in their loving embrace.
23. The ineffable grace of the ballet dancer captivated the audience's hearts.
24. The ineffable power of forgiveness can heal even the deepest wounds.
25. In the presence of true love, words become ineffable, and only the heart understands.



indescribable, expressible, describable, communicable


GRE 12 (Graduate Record Examination), Inquiry and Insight, Divine and Mystical, Development and Growth, Wisdom and Understanding, Mysticism and Spirituality

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