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How to pronounce initial (audio)


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Dictionary definition of initial

Occurring at the beginning, introductory stage, or first phase of a process, event, or situation.
"The initial draft of the manuscript underwent several revisions before reaching its final form."

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Detailed meaning of initial

It denotes the earliest or starting point of something, often highlighting its primary or foundational nature. When describing an initial state or condition, it implies the initial stage or moment before any subsequent developments or changes take place. The term can be applied to various contexts, such as initial thoughts, actions, plans, or steps in a project or relationship. It signifies the fundamental or preliminary aspect of something, providing a basis or framework upon which further progress or actions can be built. The adjective "initial" thus encompasses the concept of beginnings and serves as a reference point from which subsequent actions or events unfold.

Example sentences containing initial

1. The initial plan was to launch the product in the local market before expanding globally.
2. She made an initial assessment of the situation before formulating a strategy.
3. The company conducted an initial investigation to identify the cause of the system failure.
4. We need to gather the initial data before proceeding with the analysis.
5. His initial reaction to the news was one of disbelief and shock.
6. The project manager presented the initial draft of the project proposal to the stakeholders.

History and etymology of initial

The adjective 'initial' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'initialis,' which is formed from 'initium' (meaning 'beginning' or 'commencement'). Therefore, the etymology of 'initial' essentially means 'related to the beginning' or 'pertaining to the start.' Originally, it described things associated with the commencement or first phase of a process, event, or situation. Over time, the term has retained this core meaning, representing anything that occurs at the beginning or introductory stage, underscoring its significance in the early phases of various processes and events, as we commonly use it in contemporary language.

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Further usage examples of initial

1. The initial phase of the construction involved clearing the site and preparing the foundation.
2. The initial test results indicate that the new medication is effective in treating the disease.
3. The initial meeting with the client helped us understand their requirements and expectations.
4. She took the initial steps to launch her own business by creating a business plan.
5. The initial design concept received positive feedback from the focus group.
6. The initial investment required to start the business was higher than anticipated.
7. He signed the initial agreement to secure the purchase of the property.
8. The initial analysis revealed several areas of improvement for the company's marketing strategy.
9. The initial training session provided employees with an overview of company policies and procedures.
10. The initial response to the product launch was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in high sales.
11. They made some initial adjustments to the project timeline to accommodate unforeseen delays.
12. The initial review of the manuscript indicated that further editing was necessary.
13. The initial survey results showed a strong interest in the new product among consumers.
14. After the initial evaluation, they determined that additional resources would be required to complete the project.



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