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How to pronounce insufficient (audio)


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Dictionary definition of insufficient

Lacking in quantity, quality, or adequacy to meet a particular purpose or requirement.
"The company's budget was deemed insufficient to cover all the necessary expenses."

Detailed meaning of insufficient

It indicates that the available amount, level, or extent is not enough or falls short of what is necessary or expected. When something is deemed insufficient, it implies a deficiency or insufficiency in meeting a desired standard or fulfilling a specific need. It can apply to various contexts, such as insufficient funds to complete a task, insufficient evidence to support a claim, or insufficient time to complete a project. 'Insufficient' conveys the idea that the available amount, capacity, or capability is inadequate, resulting in a shortfall or limitation. It highlights the insufficiency or inadequacy of something in relation to a desired or expected outcome.

Example sentences containing insufficient

1. The student received a low grade due to insufficient effort on the assignment.
2. The team faced an uphill battle with insufficient resources to complete the project.
3. Her explanation was insufficient to convince the jury of her innocence.
4. The train was delayed due to insufficient maintenance of the tracks.
5. The small backpack was insufficient to hold all of her belongings.
6. The doctor prescribed a higher dosage as the initial medication was insufficient to alleviate the symptoms.

History and etymology of insufficient

The adjective 'insufficient' can be traced back to the Latin word 'insufficientem,' which is the present participle of 'insufficere.' 'Insufficere' consists of 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'sufficere,' meaning 'to suffice' or 'to be enough.' Therefore, etymologically, 'insufficient' conveys the idea of something that does not suffice or is not enough to meet a particular purpose or requirement. It implies a lack in quantity, quality, or adequacy, highlighting its inadequateness to fulfill a specific need or standard.

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Further usage examples of insufficient

1. The meeting ended abruptly due to insufficient time to address all the agenda items.
2. The building's heating system was insufficient to keep the entire space warm during winter.
3. The restaurant received negative reviews for serving insufficient portions of food.
4. The insurance policy proved to be insufficient to cover the cost of the extensive damages.
5. The emergency response was criticized for its insufficient coordination and preparedness.
6. Her savings were insufficient to cover the unexpected medical expenses.
7. The evidence presented in court was deemed insufficient for a conviction.
8. An insufficient amount of rain led to drought conditions in the region.
9. The information provided was insufficient to solve the complex problem.
10. His knowledge of the subject was insufficient for the advanced course.
11. Insufficient sleep can have detrimental effects on your health.
12. The budget allocation was insufficient to fund all the proposed projects.
13. The company's response to the crisis was insufficient and caused further issues.
14. Her qualifications were insufficient for the high-level position.
15. Insufficient preparation resulted in a disappointing performance.
16. The supplies on hand were insufficient to meet the demand.
17. Insufficient communication led to misunderstandings within the team.
18. The food portions at the restaurant were insufficient for the price.
19. The evidence was insufficient to support the conspiracy theory.
20. Their efforts to address the issue were deemed insufficient by the community.
21. Insufficient resources hindered the completion of the project.
22. The teacher provided insufficient guidance on the assignment.
23. Insufficient time was allocated for the complex task.
24. His apologies were seen as insufficient to mend the broken relationship.
25. Insufficient funding jeopardized the success of the charity event.



inadequate, ample, sufficient, abundant


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