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How to pronounce insular (audio)


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Dictionary definition of insular

Narrow-minded and often isolated, self-sufficient, or protected from the outside world physically or emotionally.
"The country had an insular foreign policy, with little engagement with other nations."

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Detailed meaning of insular

Insular can be used to describe a person who is socially isolated and tends to avoid contact with others, or who is unwilling to consider new ideas or perspectives. In context of culture, it can describe a society or culture that is closed off and isolated from outside influences.

It can also imply that the person or group is unwilling to engage with or learn from other cultures or societies, that are less receptive to new ideas and perspectives and tend to be indifferent to change.

Example sentences containing insular

1. The small island nation was known for its insular culture.
2. The community was insular, with little interaction with outsiders.
3. His insular mindset made it difficult for him to adapt to change.
4. The company's insular approach to business was detrimental to its success.
5. The insular nature of the town made it hard for newcomers to feel welcome.
6. The school had an insular atmosphere, with little diversity among the student body.

History and etymology of insular

The adjective 'insular' traces its origins to the Latin word 'insularis,' which is derived from 'insula,' meaning 'island.' In its literal sense, 'insularis' pertained to something related to an island, whether it be its geographical characteristics or its isolation from the mainland. Over time, this term evolved to encompass a broader figurative meaning. When we describe someone or a group as 'insular' today, we are alluding to a narrow-minded and often isolated mentality, one that may be self-sufficient or protected from external influences, either physically or emotionally. This figurative extension of the word 'insular' reflects its historical connection to the idea of being confined or isolated, akin to life on an island.

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Further usage examples of insular

1. The insular attitude of the company led to it losing market share.
2. The insular community had its own unique customs and traditions.
3. The scientist's insular focus on her research made her disregard input from others.
4. The insular nature of the group made it difficult for others to join.
5. After years of exile, the insular man was not good in social situations.
6. The politician's insular views were out of touch with the majority of the population.
7. Insular attitudes limit growth and hinder understanding of diverse perspectives, hindering progress.
8. The island's insular community had its own customs and traditions, isolating itself from the mainland.
9. Their insular beliefs made them resistant to change, causing frustration among more open-minded peers.
10. An insular culture can be protective but may also restrict innovation and adaptation to new ideas.
11. The insular town rarely welcomed outsiders, preferring to maintain its established way of life.
12. Breaking free from insular thinking can be liberating, opening up new possibilities and perspectives.
13. The company's insular policies limited its ability to compete in the global market, hindering growth.
14. Insular groups often resist new ideas and resist diversification, ultimately limiting their potential.
15. The insular society valued its traditions above all else, even if they hindered progress.
16. An insular community's reluctance to embrace change can lead to stagnation and decline.



narrow-minded, open-minded, cosmopolitan, inclusive


Behavior and Conduct, Anomaly and Difference, Division and Separation, Hostility and Opposition

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