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How to pronounce intermediary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of intermediary

A person or organization that acts as a go-between for two parties in order to facilitate communication or the exchange of goods or services.
"The intermediary company was hired to manage the merger."

Detailed meaning of intermediary

An intermediary can be an individual or a company that acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers, manufacturers and distributors, or other parties. In business, intermediaries are commonly used in industries such as real estate, finance, and insurance, where they help to match buyers and sellers, connect borrowers with lenders, or help to secure insurance coverage. Intermediaries can also play an important role in diplomacy and international relations, helping to facilitate negotiations and communication between governments and other organizations. In other fields, intermediaries can also be used to resolve disputes, provide translation services, or otherwise act as a facilitator between parties.

Example sentences containing intermediary

1. The intermediary eased negotiations between the buyer and seller.
2. She relied on an intermediary to convey her message.
3. The intermediary played a pivotal role in the trade deal.
4. He acted as an intermediary to resolve the dispute.
5. The company hired an intermediary for international partnerships.
6. An intermediary is necessary for diplomatic negotiations.

History and etymology of intermediary

The noun 'intermediary' finds its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'intermediarius,' which is formed by combining 'inter' (between) and 'medius' (middle). 'Intermediarius' originally referred to something or someone situated in the middle or between two points. Over time, this term evolved to represent a person or organization that serves as a go-between for two parties, helping to facilitate communication, negotiations, or the exchange of goods and services. The etymology of 'intermediary' emphasizes the intermediary's role as a bridge between two entities, highlighting their position in the middle and their function in aiding interactions and transactions between parties.

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Further usage examples of intermediary

1. The mediator, an intermediary, bridged the cultural gap.
2. Trust the intermediary to facilitate the transaction.
3. The intermediary ensures a smooth exchange of information.
4. The intermediary's involvement streamlined the process.
5. She contacted an intermediary to mediate the conflict.
6. The intermediary maintains confidentiality in discussions.
7. The intermediary is crucial for cross-border collaborations.
8. He's the trusted intermediary for business negotiations.
9. The intermediary handles sensitive communications discreetly.
10. A skilled intermediary can bridge language barriers.
11. The intermediary safeguards client interests during negotiations.
12. Rely on the intermediary for efficient communication.
13. The intermediary facilitates cooperation between parties.
14. An intermediary promotes transparency in dealings.
15. She consulted the intermediary for expert guidance.
16. The intermediary ensures both sides benefit from the agreement.
17. Trust the intermediary to foster collaboration.
18. The intermediary's expertise simplifies complex transactions.
19. He excels as an intermediary in international diplomacy.
20. The intermediary helped to negotiate the terms of the contract.
21. She served as an intermediary between the two warring parties.
22. The bank acted as an intermediary in the transaction.
23. The intermediary's role was to facilitate communication between the two sides.
24. The government appointed an intermediary to mediate the dispute.
25. The intermediary was responsible for coordinating the delivery of the goods.
26. The intermediary's job was to act as a go-between for the buyer and seller.
27. He served as an intermediary in the talks between the union and management.
28. The intermediary was able to bring the two sides to a compromise.
29. The intermediary was able to bridge the cultural gap between the two groups.
30. The intermediary played a key role in the successful completion of the project.



mediator, opponent, adversary, antagonist


Prefix inter-, Aid and Assistance, Synchronization and Strategize, Diplomacy and Displacement

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