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How to pronounce inveigh (audio)


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Dictionary definition of inveigh

To express strong disapproval, condemnation, or opposition through speech or writing.
"The professor began to inveigh against the students for their lack of attention."

Detailed meaning of inveigh

It is often used to describe a person who speaks or writes in a strong, bitter, or angry manner about something or someone. It can also be used to describe a situation or event where strong criticism or condemnation is expressed. When someone inveighs against something, they speak or write against it with great force and passion. The tone of inveighing is often seen as negative and critical. Inveighing can be directed towards a person, an action, an idea, a concept or a situation. For example, if someone delivers a passionate speech against a political leader, they might be said to be inveighing against that leader. Similarly, if a newspaper editorial criticizes a policy, it might be said to inveigh against it. Overall, the term "inveigh" is often used to describe the act of expressing strong disapproval, condemnation, or opposition through speech or writing in a bitter or angry way.

Example sentences containing inveigh

1. I never thought my best friend would inveigh against my choices.
2. Politicians frequently inveigh against each other to win public support.
3. She was known to inveigh against any perceived injustice.
4. He continued to inveigh against the new policies, causing a stir in the office.
5. Critics often inveigh against films that don't meet their standards.
6. The activist began to inveigh against the corporation's environmental practices.

History and etymology of inveigh

The verb 'inveigh' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'invehi,' which means 'to attack' or 'to assail vehemently.' This Latin term is a combination of 'in,' indicating 'against,' and 'vehere,' meaning 'to carry' or 'to convey.' Therefore, 'inveigh' etymologically conveys the idea of vehemently carrying an attack or expressing strong disapproval, condemnation, or opposition through speech or writing. When someone 'inveighs' against something, they are vigorously and often passionately criticizing or opposing it. The etymology of 'inveigh' underscores the forceful and aggressive nature of expressing strong disapproval or condemnation.

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Further usage examples of inveigh

1. Even though we are close, she doesn't hesitate to inveigh when I make a mistake.
2. The judge would inveigh against any lawyer who disrespected the courtroom's decorum.
3. I understand your disappointment, but you don't have to inveigh against everyone involved.
4. You have the right to inveigh against any decision that you find unfair.
5. The teacher started to inveigh against the new standardized testing procedures.
6. The radio host began to inveigh against the current political climate on his show.
7. Many people on social media inveigh against celebrities who behave irresponsibly.
8. Despite facing backlash, she continued to inveigh against the discriminatory laws.
9. Rather than politely disagree, he chose to inveigh against my opinion.
10. It's hard to have a civil conversation when people start to inveigh against each other's beliefs.
11. Environmentalists often inveigh against industries that contribute to deforestation.
12. The activist will inveigh against social injustice at the rally.
13. She often uses her blog to inveigh against corporate greed.
14. He will inveigh passionately against government corruption.
15. The politician chose to inveigh against divisive rhetoric.
16. She will inveigh vehemently against hate speech.
17. Critics inveighed against the controversial new law.
18. The editorial will inveigh strongly against censorship.
19. He didn't hesitate to inveigh against discrimination.
20. They will inveigh tirelessly against human rights abuses.
21. The professor will inveigh eloquently against academic dishonesty.
22. The activist will inveigh for environmental conservation.
23. The poet will inveigh through verse against war.


denounce, endorse, approve, praise


Communication and Expression, Disdain and Contempt, Objection and Disapproval

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