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How to pronounce ipso-facto (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ipso-facto

To indicate that something is evidently true without the need for further proof or explanation.
"The merger was dissolved ipso facto due to lack of regulatory approval."


Detailed meaning of ipso-facto

"Ipso facto" is a Latin phrase that translates to "by the fact itself." It is used to indicate that something is true or evident by virtue of the fact or circumstance in question, without the need for further proof or explanation. It is often used in legal contexts to refer to a situation where the outcome is a natural or inevitable result of the circumstances, without any additional cause or effect. For example, a contract may be considered terminated "ipso facto" if one of the parties breaches a material term, without the need for the non-breaching party to take any additional action. It can also be used in everyday conversation to refer to an obvious or self-evident truth.

Example sentences containing ipso-facto

1. His expertise, ipso-facto, made him the go-to consultant in the industry.
2. With her qualifications, she was ipso-facto the best candidate for the job.
3. The CEO's resignation ipso-facto triggered a search for a new leader.
4. His strong track record ipso-facto demonstrates his reliability.
5. The evidence presented ipso-facto pointed to the suspect's guilt.
6. The success of the product ipso-facto led to increased demand.

History and etymology of ipso-facto

The adverbial phrase 'ipso facto' has its etymology rooted in Latin. 'Ipso' means 'by that very thing' or 'itself,' and 'facto' is the ablative singular form of 'factum,' which means 'fact' or 'deed.' When combined, 'ipso facto' signifies that something is true or evident by the very fact or deed itself, without the need for further proof or explanation. It is often used in legal and philosophical contexts to emphasize that a particular conclusion or consequence logically follows from the established facts or circumstances. The etymology of 'ipso facto' underscores its role as a term that succinctly indicates self-evident truths or logical deductions, simplifying complex arguments by highlighting the inherent truth within a given situation or context.

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Further usage examples of ipso-facto

1. His charisma ipso-facto drew people to him wherever he went.
2. The company's long history of innovation ipso-facto secured its reputation.
3. The team's consistent performance ipso-facto earned them the championship.
4. Her dedication ipso-facto translated into remarkable achievements.
5. The company's commitment to sustainability ipso-facto attracted environmentally conscious consumers.
6. His intelligence ipso-facto made him the top student in the class.
7. The project's complexity ipso-facto required a skilled project manager.
8. The technology's cutting-edge features ipso-facto set it apart from competitors.
9. The company's rapid growth ipso-facto necessitated a larger office space.
10. His eloquent speech ipso-facto moved the audience to tears.
11. The restaurant's outstanding cuisine ipso-facto garnered rave reviews.
12. The artist's unique style ipso-facto made her work recognizable.
13. The team's unity ipso-facto contributed to their success.
14. The company's financial stability ipso-facto reassured investors.
15. The contract was terminated ipso facto due to the breach of terms.
16. The company's bankruptcy was declared ipso facto after it failed to meet its financial obligations.
17. The athlete's disqualification was automatic ipso facto for testing positive for a banned substance.
18. The employee's dismissal was effective ipso facto upon the discovery of embezzlement.
19. The membership was revoked ipso facto upon the discovery of unethical behavior.
20. The patent was invalidated ipso facto after it was found to have been plagiarized.
21. The franchise agreement was terminated ipso facto due to non-compliance.
22. The partnership was dissolved ipso facto upon the death of one of the partners.
23. The company's license was revoked ipso facto for violation of regulations.
24. The contract was cancelled ipso facto upon the discovery of fraud.
25. The insurance policy was void ipso facto upon the discovery of material misrepresentation.



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