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How to pronounce iridescent (audio)


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Dictionary definition of iridescent

Displaying a play of lustrous, rainbow-like colors that change as the angle of observation changes.
"The pearl's iridescent luster was a sign of its quality and value."

Detailed meaning of iridescent

These colors are often seen in the wings of birds, the shells of some mollusks, and the scales of some fish, which create a shimmering effect when they reflect light. The term "iridescent" comes from Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and is often used to describe the visual effect of a thin film or coating that causes light to be reflected and refracted in a way that creates the rainbow-like colors. Iridescent colors are often seen as particularly attractive and eye-catching, and are frequently used in art, fashion, and design to create striking visual effects.

Example sentences containing iridescent

1. The butterfly's wings shimmered with an iridescent glow in the sunlight.
2. The iridescent scales of the fish reflected a rainbow of colors.
3. She wore a dress adorned with iridescent sequins that caught everyone's attention.
4. The morning dew on the grass had an iridescent sheen, like tiny diamonds.
5. The iridescent feathers of the peacock mesmerized onlookers with their vibrant hues.
6. As the sun set, the sky transformed into a breathtaking iridescent display.

History and etymology of iridescent

The adjective 'iridescent' has its etymology rooted in the Latin word 'iris,' which means 'rainbow.' In Latin, 'iris' was associated with the rainbow due to its colorful and radiant appearance. From 'iris,' the term 'iridescent' was formed, signifying a display of lustrous, rainbow-like colors that change as the angle of observation changes. This etymology beautifully encapsulates the essence of 'iridescent,' as it vividly portrays the phenomenon of shimmering and shifting colors, reminiscent of the way a rainbow showcases a spectrum of hues. 'Iridescent' conveys the enchanting quality of surfaces or objects that seem to capture and reflect light in a way that creates a captivating and ever-changing play of colors.

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Further usage examples of iridescent

1. The soap bubbles floated in the air, reflecting an iridescent spectrum of colors.
2. The pearl necklace had an iridescent luster that added elegance to her attire.
3. The iridescent glow of the moon illuminated the dark night sky.
4. The dragonfly darted through the air, its iridescent wings glinting in the sunlight.
5. The artist used an iridescent paint that gave the artwork a magical quality.
6. The iridescent eyes of the cat seemed to change color depending on the light.
7. The insect's iridescent exoskeleton made it blend seamlessly with its surroundings.
8. The iridescent bubbles in the champagne glass added a touch of glamour to the celebration.
9. The pebble on the beach had an iridescent quality, reflecting the colors of the sea.
10. The iridescent fabric of the dress shimmered as she walked down the runway.
11. The soapstone figurine had an iridescent finish that made it look ethereal.
12. The fireworks exploded in the night sky, creating an iridescent spectacle.
13. The opal pendant had an iridescent sheen that caught the light from every angle.
14. The iridescent shimmer of the oil spill on the water's surface was a somber reminder of environmental damage.



multicolored, monochrome, colorless, dull

Prefix ir-, Insight and Intrigue, Imagination and Ingenuity, Optical Phenomena and Radiance, Light and Visibility

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