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How to pronounce junkie (audio)

Dictionary definition of junkie

An individual who is addicted to drugs, typically those of a narcotic nature.
"The junkie desperately searched for their next dose of drugs."

Detailed meaning of junkie

The term carries a negative connotation and implies a person's heavy reliance on and compulsive use of illicit substances. A junkie is often characterized by their desperate pursuit of the next fix, disregarding personal well-being, relationships, and responsibilities in favor of satisfying their addiction. This term has historically been associated with individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders, as it emphasizes the harmful effects and destructive behaviors resulting from drug dependency. However, it is important to note that addiction is a complex issue, and it is crucial to approach individuals dealing with addiction with empathy, understanding, and support, rather than stigmatization.

Example sentences containing junkie

1. The city's alleyways were filled with junkies seeking their fix.
2. The junkie's health deteriorated rapidly due to their addiction.
3. The police arrested a group of junkies in the drug bust.
4. She used to be a successful lawyer, but now she's just a junkie.
5. The junkie stole money from his family to support his habit.
6. The rehab center offers counseling and support for recovering junkies.

History and etymology of junkie

The noun 'junkie' has a relatively recent etymology rooted in American slang. It emerged in the mid-20th century as a colloquial term to describe individuals who were addicted to drugs, particularly narcotics like heroin. The origin of 'junkie' is believed to be a derivation of the word 'junk,' which was slang for narcotics or drugs. The transformation from 'junk' to 'junkie' can be seen as a linguistic process where a word is extended to describe a person associated with the substance. This evolution in meaning reflects the profound grip that drug addiction can have on a person's life, leading to the use of 'junkie' to categorize those struggling with addiction to narcotics.

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Further usage examples of junkie

1. The junkie's life spiraled out of control due to their drug addiction.
2. Society often stigmatizes junkies instead of offering them help.
3. The documentary shed light on the struggles faced by junkies trying to get clean.
4. The junkie's only concern was where to get their next fix.
5. Heroin addicts are often referred to as junkies.
6. The junkie's friends staged an intervention to get them into treatment.
7. The junkie experienced withdrawal symptoms when they tried to quit using drugs.
8. The junkie pawned off their belongings to finance their addiction.
9. The junkie's family was devastated by their loved one's addiction.
10. Many junkies turn to crime to support their drug habits.
11. The junkie hit rock bottom and realized they needed help.
12. The junkie's face bore the marks of needle tracks.
13. The community rallied together to raise awareness about the struggles faced by junkies.
14. He used to be a junkie but is now in recovery.
15. The neighborhood is struggling with a rise in junkie activity.
16. She's working tirelessly to support her son, a recovering junkie.
17. The park is unfortunately a gathering place for junkie users.
18. He's lost contact with his cousin, who became a junkie.
19. The documentary sheds light on the life of a heroin junkie.
20. The charity provides meals and shelter for a homeless junkie.
21. She volunteers at a clinic that offers help to a drug junkie.
22. It's heartbreaking to see someone you love become a junkie.
23. Society needs better resources for rehabilitating a junkie.
24. The city is implementing programs to assist a drug junkie population.



addict, abstainer, teetotaler, nonuser


SAT 16 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 3, Alternative Lifestyles and Poverty

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