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How to pronounce kernel (audio)

Dictionary definition of kernel

The core, essential, or central part of something.
"The kernel of truth in his statement was difficult to ignore."

Detailed meaning of kernel

It signifies the innermost and fundamental component that provides the basis or foundation for a system, concept, or idea. In the context of computing, a kernel is the crucial component of an operating system that manages hardware resources and facilitates communication between software and hardware components. It acts as a bridge between applications and the computer's hardware, ensuring efficient execution of tasks and coordinating system operations. Beyond computing, the term kernel can be used to describe the vital essence or central idea of a theory, philosophy, or belief system. It represents the essential, underlying principles or concepts that give rise to a broader framework of understanding. Additionally, kernel can refer to the edible, inner part of a seed or nut, such as the kernel of a corn or the kernel of a walnut, which contains valuable nutrients and serves as a source of nourishment. In various contexts, kernel represents the core element that encapsulates the essence, functionality, or nutritive value of a system, theory, or natural entity.

Example sentences containing kernel

1. In the kernel of every idea lies the potential for innovation.
2. The kernel of truth in his story was hard to discern.
3. The kernel of wisdom in her advice resonated deeply.
4. Within the kernel of a seed rests the promise of new life.
5. The kernel of the problem revealed itself during the investigation.
6. His speech contained a kernel of inspiration for the audience.

History and etymology of kernel

The noun 'kernel' has an etymology that can be traced back to the Latin word 'carnalis,' which means pertaining to flesh or meat. In Late Latin, 'carnalis' evolved into 'kernelis,' referring to the innermost, central part of a nut or seed, which is often likened to the essence or core of such objects. This Latin root gave rise to the Old French term 'kernil' and eventually made its way into Middle English as 'kernell.' Over time, the word 'kernel' came to represent not only the inner part of a seed or nut but also the core, essential, or central part of anything, highlighting its evolution from a botanical term to a broader metaphorical concept.

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Further usage examples of kernel

1. The kernel of love in their relationship remained unshaken.
2. Technology's kernel advances continue to shape our world.
3. The kernel of the matter is that we must act decisively.
4. Hidden in her words was a kernel of unspoken sorrow.
5. Within chaos, there often lies a kernel of opportunity.
6. The kernel of an idea sparked a wave of innovation in the company.
7. She diligently removed the kernels from the corn cob.
8. The operating system's kernel manages the computer's resources.
9. He cracked open the walnut shell to reveal the tasty kernel inside.
10. The kernel of wisdom in her words resonated deeply with the audience.
11. The kernel of an algorithm is the core logic that solves the problem.
12. The kernel of a theory provides the foundational principles for further research.
13. She meticulously sorted the popcorn kernels before popping them.
14. The kernel of his argument was rooted in historical evidence.
15. The kernel of an operating system interacts directly with hardware components.
16. The essence of their friendship was the kernel of trust they shared.
17. The kernel of a problem often lies in its underlying assumptions.
18. The kernel of a poem captures the poet's deepest emotions.
19. The kernel of an organization's culture shapes its values and practices.
20. The kernel of a computer program contains essential instructions for execution.
21. The kernel of a mathematical proof establishes the fundamental truth.
22. She savored each bite of the pistachio kernel.
23. The kernel of a negotiation is finding common ground and compromise.
24. The kernel of a software application is responsible for core functionality.



essence, periphery, exterior, surface


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