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How to pronounce lassitude (audio)


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Dictionary definition of lassitude

A state of physical or mental weariness, often accompanied by a lack of energy and motivation.
"The dull, gray weather seemed to contribute to her feeling of lassitude."

Detailed meaning of lassitude

It is characterized by a feeling of fatigue and lethargy, making even simple tasks or activities seem challenging or burdensome. Lassitude can result from physical exertion, emotional strain, or a prolonged period of stress, and it is often associated with a sense of being drained or depleted. When someone experiences lassitude, they may find it difficult to summon the energy to engage in daily activities or maintain focus and enthusiasm. This term underscores the need for rest and rejuvenation to overcome feelings of lassitude and regain one's vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Example sentences containing lassitude

1. The long hike left her feeling a deep sense of lassitude.
2. The heat wave brought about a feeling of lassitude among the residents.
3. His lassitude was evident after a sleepless night.
4. The lassitude in her voice indicated her exhaustion.
5. The stressful week at work led to a state of physical and mental lassitude.
6. He struggled to concentrate due to the overwhelming sense of lassitude.

History and etymology of lassitude

The noun 'lassitude' traces its origins back to Latin, particularly from the word 'lassitudo,' which is derived from 'lassus,' signifying 'weary' or 'exhausted.' This etymological root captures the core essence of 'lassitude' as a state of physical or mental weariness, often accompanied by a profound lack of energy and motivation. As language evolved, 'lassitude' made its way into Middle English as 'lassitudo' before becoming the modern term we use today. Thus, the etymology of 'lassitude' eloquently mirrors its meaning, rooted in the concept of weariness and a pervasive sense of fatigue and listlessness.

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Further usage examples of lassitude

1. The medicine helped alleviate the lassitude caused by the illness.
2. After the intense workout, a feeling of lassitude settled in his muscles.
3. The constant stress and pressure resulted in chronic lassitude.
4. A feeling of lassitude crept in as the day wore on.
5. She fought against the lassitude to complete her assignments.
6. The lassitude in his posture showed how drained he was from the long journey.
7. A sense of lassitude enveloped her after the emotionally charged event.
8. The recovery process from the surgery brought bouts of lassitude.
9. Despite the coffee, her lassitude remained, affecting her productivity.
10. The weekend offered a chance to shake off the accumulated lassitude from work.
11. The lassitude was a consequence of the sleep deprivation she had been experiencing.
12. His chronic health condition often led to episodes of extreme lassitude.
13. The lassitude she experienced after the long flight was overwhelming.
14. The lassitude from the long journey left him too tired to move.
15. Her lassitude was a result of the demanding workweek.
16. The oppressive heat intensified our collective lassitude.
17. Lassitude overcame him after a sleepless night.
18. He struggled to fight off the persistent lassitude.
19. Lassitude washed over her, making it hard to concentrate.
20. The medication eased his lassitude but not his underlying condition.
21. Weekend relaxation helped alleviate the week's lassitude.
22. Mental lassitude made decision-making a daunting task.
23. A deep sense of lassitude settled in after the marathon.
24. Their collective lassitude in the classroom concerned the teacher.



weariness, vigor, energy, enthusiasm


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