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How to pronounce legislate (audio)

Dictionary definition of legislate

To create, enact, or establish laws through a formal legislative process.
"The parliament convened to legislate new tax laws that would benefit small businesses."

Detailed meaning of legislate

When individuals or groups legislate, they engage in the activity of proposing, debating, drafting, and ultimately passing laws that govern various aspects of society. This process typically occurs within a legislative body, such as a parliament, congress, or council, where elected representatives discuss and deliberate on proposed legislation. Legislating involves considering the needs, concerns, and interests of the population, as well as reviewing existing laws and addressing emerging societal issues. Through legislation, governments and legislative bodies exercise their authority to set rules, regulations, and policies that guide behavior, promote order, and safeguard the rights and well-being of citizens. The act of legislating is an essential component of democratic systems, as it enables the creation and modification of laws in response to societal changes, ensuring effective governance and the maintenance of a just and functioning society.

Example sentences containing legislate

1. The government plans to legislate stricter regulations on environmental protection.
2. The committee is working diligently to legislate reforms in the healthcare system.
3. The city council is set to legislate a ban on single-use plastic bags.
4. The senator proposed a bill to legislate equal pay for women in the workplace.
5. The committee members collaborated to legislate policies aimed at reducing crime rates.
6. The lawmakers debated extensively to legislate a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

History and etymology of legislate

The verb 'legislate' traces its origins to the Latin word 'legislatum,' a compound of 'lex' (meaning law) and 'latum' (the past participle of 'ferre,' which means to bring or carry). In essence, 'legislate' etymologically signifies the act of bringing forth or carrying out laws. This Latin root reflects the fundamental process of creating, enacting, or establishing laws through a formal legislative process. 'Legislate' underscores the central role of legislation in shaping the legal framework of societies, with its etymology highlighting the idea of carrying forward the principles and rules that govern a community or nation.

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Further usage examples of legislate

1. The government intends to legislate measures to promote renewable energy sources.
2. The task force was assigned to legislate stricter penalties for cybercrimes.
3. The legislature worked late into the night to legislate emergency funding for disaster relief.
4. The coalition parties agreed to legislate a new education policy to improve student outcomes.
5. The president urged the congress to legislate policies that prioritize affordable housing for low-income families.
6. Congress will legislate new environmental regulations.
7. The government plans to legislate stricter gun control laws.
8. The committee aims to legislate changes to the tax code.
9. It's crucial to legislate policies that promote equality.
10. The council will legislate on zoning regulations soon.
11. They hope to legislate comprehensive healthcare reform.
12. The parliament is set to legislate on immigration.
13. The city council will legislate on public transportation.
14. We need to legislate laws to combat cybercrime.
15. The assembly will legislate on education funding.
16. The Senate will legislate a new budget proposal.
17. The mayor wants to legislate against pollution.
18. The committee will legislate on consumer protection.
19. The task force seeks to legislate criminal justice reform.
20. They plan to legislate new regulations for data privacy.
21. The Senate will legislate on infrastructure investment.
22. It's essential to legislate fair labor practices.
23. The assembly will legislate on affordable housing.
24. The city council must legislate on public safety measures.



enact, repeal, rescind, abolish


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