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How to pronounce lithe (audio)


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Dictionary definition of lithe

Flexible, supple, and gracefully agile, often referring to a person's body or movements.
"The lithe dancer moved across the stage with grace and precision."

Detailed meaning of lithe

When someone or something is characterized as lithe, it suggests a fluid and graceful ability to move or bend without stiffness or effort. A lithe person, for example, may have a slender and agile physique that allows them to move with ease and grace. This term is often associated with elegance, as it conveys a sense of physical agility and the capacity to navigate movements with finesse. "Lithe" underscores the idea of flexibility and nimbleness, emphasizing the graceful and effortless nature of the subject's motions or appearance.

Example sentences containing lithe

1. The lithe dancer moved gracefully across the stage, captivating the audience.
2. The lithe branches of the willow tree swayed gently in the breeze.
3. Her lithe figure allowed her to glide through the water effortlessly.
4. The lithe cat leapt from the ground onto the fence in a single bound.
5. His lithe movements made him a formidable opponent in martial arts.
6. The gymnast's lithe body twisted and turned in the air before she landed perfectly on the mat.

History and etymology of lithe

The adjective 'lithe' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'līthe,' which meant 'gentle' or 'mild.' Over time, it evolved to describe something that is flexible, supple, and gracefully agile, often referring to a person's body or movements. 'Lithe' embodies the concept of graceful and effortless movement, emphasizing the quality of being limber and agile. The term is often used to describe individuals who possess a natural grace and fluidity in their physical actions, such as dancers or athletes. 'Lithe' reflects the human capacity for physical dexterity and grace, highlighting the beauty of movements that are both supple and agile, whether in the context of sports, dance, or everyday life.

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Further usage examples of lithe

1. The lithe stems of the flowers bent but did not break in the wind.
2. With a lithe leap, the antelope evaded the predator closing in.
3. The lithe snake slithered silently through the grass.
4. The yoga instructor demonstrated the lithe flexibility necessary for the advanced pose.
5. Her lithe fingers danced across the piano keys, creating a beautiful melody.
6. The lithe athlete sprinted down the track, leaving her competitors far behind.
7. The lithe branches of the tree created a delicate lace-like pattern against the sky.
8. Despite his tall frame, he moved with lithe agility on the basketball court.
9. The lithe vines curled around the trellis, creating a natural canopy.
10. The lithe ballerina twirled and leapt across the stage, leaving the audience in awe.
11. With lithe precision, the surgeon performed the intricate procedure.
12. The lithe panther moved silently through the jungle, stalking its prey.
13. The lithe and graceful movements of the Tai Chi practitioner were calming to watch.
14. Her lithe and athletic build made her a natural fit for the gymnastics team.



flexible, stiff, inflexible, rigid


Balance and Stability, Vitality and Vigor, Aesthetic and Appearance

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