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disreputable, honorable, respectable, upright


Deceit and Pretense, Character Traits and Behavior, Vilification and Vitriol, Repugnance and Revulsion, Unethical and Immoral



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Dictionary definition of louche

Morally dubious, disreputable, or characterized by a lack of respectability.
"The louche nightclub was known for its drugs and illegal activities."

Detailed meaning of louche

When a person, place, or situation is labeled as louche, it suggests an association with activities or behaviors that are often considered morally questionable, decadent, or shady. Louche individuals or establishments may engage in activities on the fringes of legality or engage in behavior that goes against societal norms and standards of decency. This term often carries connotations of unscrupulousness, insincerity, or a disregard for conventional moral values. In essence, "louche" denotes a sense of disrepute and moral ambiguity, implying that something or someone is operating in the shadows or beyond the boundaries of accepted moral conduct.

Example sentences containing louche

1. He had a reputation for his louche lifestyle, always indulging in excess and debauchery.
2. The party was filled with a louche crowd, characterized by their extravagant attire and reckless behavior.
3. She was drawn to his louche charm and mysterious allure.
4. They frequented the louche bars and clubs of the city, seeking a taste of the forbidden.
5. The actor played a louche character in the film, exuding an air of decadence and danger.
6. The hotel had a louche atmosphere, with dim lighting and plush velvet furnishings.

History and etymology of louche

The adjective 'louche' has its origins in French. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'lousche,' which means 'cross-eyed' or 'squinting.' Over time, the term evolved metaphorically to describe something or someone as morally dubious, disreputable, or characterized by a lack of respectability. This transition in meaning is somewhat enigmatic, but it may stem from the idea that a person with a squinting or shifty gaze might be perceived as untrustworthy or deceitful. Therefore, 'louche' etymologically signifies a sense of untrustworthiness or moral ambiguity, often used to describe people, places, or activities that are perceived as shady or disreputable.

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Further usage examples of louche

1. The louche figure in the corner exuded an air of danger and intrigue.
2. She couldn't resist the allure of the louche party scene, despite knowing its reputation.
3. They embraced a louche lifestyle, living on the fringes of society and reveling in their unconventional choices.
4. The louche behavior of the wealthy socialite scandalized polite society.
5. He adopted a louche demeanor, with disheveled hair and an air of nonchalance.
6. She found herself captivated by the louche artist, drawn to his unconventional approach to life.
7. The bar attracted a louche clientele, known for their wild parties and unorthodox pursuits.
8. They reveled in the louche atmosphere, embracing the freedom to be their authentic selves.
9. The louche reputation of the nightclub preceded it, drawing in those seeking an escape from convention.
10. She was both fascinated and repelled by the louche characters she encountered in her bohemian neighborhood.
11. The louche fashion of the era emphasized a rebellious and unconventional aesthetic.
12. They indulged in a louche lifestyle, defying societal norms and expectations.
13. The louche atmosphere of the underground speakeasy transported patrons to a bygone era.
14. She had a penchant for the louche, seeking out experiences that pushed the boundaries of convention.

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