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How to pronounce lubricate (audio)

Dictionary definition of lubricate

To add a substance, often oil or grease, to reduce friction and facilitate smooth movement of mechanical parts or surfaces that rub against each other.
"We lubricate the chains of the swing set to ensure safe operation."

Detailed meaning of lubricate

Lubrication is an important maintenance task in machinery and equipment to prevent wear and tear, reduce energy consumption, and prolong the lifespan of the machine. The lubricant serves as a protective barrier between the moving parts, reducing heat, friction, and wear, and helps to prevent rust and corrosion. Lubrication can be done by applying the lubricant directly to the surface or by using a system that delivers the lubricant to the moving parts automatically. Overall, lubricating is the act of applying a lubricant to reduce friction and ensure the smooth operation of machinery or equipment.

Example sentences containing lubricate

1. I lubricate the gears of the bicycle for a smoother ride.
2. You lubricate the door hinges to prevent them from squeaking.
3. He, she, or it lubricates the engine regularly to maintain its performance.
4. You (plural) lubricate the wheels of the skateboard before your ride.
5. They lubricate the bearings of the machine for optimal functionality.
6. I need to lubricate the locks to make them easier to open.

History and etymology of lubricate

The verb 'lubricate' traces its etymology to the Latin word 'lubricare,' which means 'to make slippery' or 'to make smooth.' This Latin term is derived from 'lubricus,' meaning 'slippery' or 'smooth.' In essence, the word 'lubricate' originally pertained to the act of making something slippery or smooth, which is precisely the purpose of lubrication in mechanical contexts. When you lubricate mechanical parts or surfaces, such as adding oil or grease, you reduce friction and ensure smooth movement by making those surfaces slippery. Therefore, the etymology of 'lubricate' highlights its essential role in minimizing friction and facilitating the efficient operation of mechanical systems.

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Further usage examples of lubricate

1. You need to lubricate the squeaky parts of the chair.
2. He, she, or it often lubricates the pulleys to reduce friction.
3. We frequently lubricate the joints of the robot to enable smooth movement.
4. You (plural) should lubricate the treadmill belt regularly.
5. They should lubricate the sliding door tracks to avoid sticking.
6. I always lubricate the sewing machine before starting a new project.
7. You should lubricate the bicycle chain for better performance.
8. He, she, or it regularly lubricates the paper shredder to prevent jams.
9. We should lubricate the window hinges to make opening and closing easier.
10. You (plural) can lubricate the roller skates to improve their speed.
11. They usually lubricate the moving parts of the lawnmower to prevent damage.
12. I sometimes lubricate the garden tools to keep them in good condition.
13. You (plural) must lubricate the fan blades for smoother rotation.
14. To avoid wear, I lubricate the gears monthly with quality oil for smooth motion.
15. He'll lubricate the chain, ensuring a quiet, efficient ride every time.
16. Before each use, remember to lubricate moving parts to avoid wear.
17. Always lubricate the bearings to extend the life of your machine.
18. She will lubricate the joints regularly to ensure silent operation.
19. To maintain speed, professionals lubricate skateboard wheels often.
20. Engineers lubricate machinery to ensure optimum performance daily.
21. You should lubricate the slides to make your doors glide smoothly.
22. In factories, workers lubricate gears to maintain equipment efficiency.
23. We lubricate bike chains to prevent rust and ensure a smooth ride.
24. If you lubricate the pistons well, the engine performs at its peak.



grease, stiffen, roughen, seize


High School 15, SAT 20 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Science and Technology

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