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How to pronounce magnify (audio)

Dictionary definition of magnify

To enlarge or make something appear larger than its actual size or importance.
"Social media platforms can magnify the reach of a message, instantly spreading information to a wide audience."

Detailed meaning of magnify

It involves intensifying or amplifying the details, significance, or impact of a particular subject or object. When we magnify something, we bring attention to its finer aspects, enhancing its visibility, clarity, or significance. This can be done both literally, such as using a magnifying glass to examine small details, and figuratively, by emphasizing the importance or implications of an idea, issue, or event. By magnifying, we aim to shed light on the intricacies or value of something, allowing for a deeper understanding or appreciation. Whether applied to physical objects or abstract concepts, the act of magnifying allows us to gain insights, discover nuances, and uncover hidden dimensions that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Example sentences containing magnify

1. The microscope can magnify tiny objects for detailed examination.
2. Don't magnify the issue; it's a minor misunderstanding.
3. The photographer used a lens to magnify the distant mountain.
4. His exaggerations always serve to magnify his accomplishments.
5. The TV screen can magnify even the smallest details.
6. We mustn't magnify the impact of this setback.

History and etymology of magnify

The verb 'magnify' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'magnificare,' which is a combination of 'magnus,' meaning 'great' or 'large,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' Therefore, 'magnify' originally meant 'to make great' or 'to enlarge.' Over time, its meaning expanded to include the idea of making something appear larger than its actual size or importance. This verb captures the act of enhancing perception, either literally by using lenses or figuratively by emphasizing the significance or scale of something. The etymology of 'magnify' underscores its historical connection to the notion of making things larger or more prominent, whether in a physical or metaphorical sense.

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Further usage examples of magnify

1. The telescope can magnify distant stars and galaxies.
2. She tends to magnify her achievements to impress others.
3. Let's not magnify this mistake; it's fixable.
4. The glasses helped her magnify small print.
5. We shouldn't magnify our differences; we're all human.
6. His ego causes him to constantly magnify his own importance.
7. These binoculars can magnify distant birds in great detail.
8. Don't magnify the problem; find a solution.
9. The software can magnify digital images for clarity.
10. Please don't magnify the flaws in her work.
11. A good leader doesn't magnify their own success at the team's expense.
12. The magnifying glass can help you read fine print.
13. Let's magnify our efforts to reach our goal faster.
14. He tends to magnify his worries and fears.
15. This app can magnify the screen for better visibility.
16. We shouldn't magnify the significance of this event.
17. The media often magnify sensational stories.
18. The artist used a lens to magnify intricate details.
19. Don't magnify the criticism; it's just feedback.
20. These corrective lenses will magnify distant objects for you.
21. It's essential not to magnify the negativity in your life.
22. The microscope can magnify cells for scientific study.
23. Her enthusiasm can magnify the excitement of any event.
24. Let's not magnify past mistakes; focus on the future.


enlarge, minimize, shrink, reduce


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