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How to pronounce magnum-opus (audio)


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Dictionary definition of magnum-opus

An artist's or writer's most renowned or accomplished work.
"His magnum opus was a masterpiece that cemented his place in literary history."


Detailed meaning of magnum-opus

The term is most commonly associated with the world of art, literature, and music, but it can also be used in other fields such as science, engineering, and architecture. The term is often used to describe a work that is considered to be the culmination of an artist's or a writer's career, one that represents the peak of their artistic abilities and achievements. It is often considered to be the most significant and representative work of their entire body of work. In literature, it can refer to a novel, a play, or a poem that is considered to be the author's masterpiece. In music, it can refer to a symphony, an opera, or a concerto that is considered to be the composer's greatest work. In science, it can refer to a researcher's greatest discovery or invention.

Example sentences containing magnum-opus

1. She worked on her magnum opus for over a decade before it was finally published.
2. The painting was considered his magnum opus and was widely admired by critics.
3. He considered his latest novel to be his magnum opus.
4. She was proud of her magnum opus, a comprehensive study on the subject.
5. The building was considered his magnum opus and was regarded as an architectural masterpiece.
6. He spent years working on his magnum opus, a detailed history of the region.

History and etymology of magnum-opus

The noun 'magnum opus' has its etymology rooted in Latin. 'Magnum' means 'great' or 'large,' and 'opus' translates to 'work' or 'achievement.' In Latin, 'magnum opus' conveys the idea of a great work or masterpiece. Over time, this Latin term made its way into English to describe an artist's or writer's most renowned or accomplished work, often considered the pinnacle of their creative output. The etymology of 'magnum opus' highlights the notion of a substantial and exceptional creation, one that stands out among an artist's or author's body of work as a remarkable achievement and a lasting legacy of their talent and dedication.

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Further usage examples of magnum-opus

1. She considered her latest sculpture to be her magnum opus.
2. The symphony was considered his magnum opus and was widely performed by orchestras.
3. He devoted his entire career to the creation of his magnum opus.
4. She considered her magnum opus to be a major achievement in her field.
5. The film was considered his magnum opus and was highly acclaimed by critics.
6. Her latest novel is considered her magnum opus, receiving critical acclaim.
7. The painter's masterpiece is his magnum opus, displayed in a prestigious gallery.
8. This film is often regarded as the director's magnum opus, a cinematic triumph.
9. The composer's symphony is his magnum opus, celebrated for its complexity.
10. The architect's magnum opus, the towering skyscraper, graces the city skyline.
11. This sculpture is the artist's magnum opus, a testament to his talent.
12. The scientist's groundbreaking research is his magnum opus, reshaping the field.
13. The chef's signature dish is her magnum opus, delighting diners worldwide.
14. This album is the musician's magnum opus, earning numerous awards.
15. The playwright's magnum opus is a theatrical masterpiece, enjoyed by audiences for years.
16. The philosopher's magnum opus profoundly influenced modern thought.
17. The historian's comprehensive book is his magnum opus, a definitive work.
18. The mathematician's theorem is his magnum opus, a breakthrough in the field.
19. The filmmaker's epic saga is his magnum opus, captivating audiences.
20. The poet's collection of poems is her magnum opus, praised for its beauty.
21. This building is the architect's magnum opus, an architectural marvel.
22. The engineer's invention is his magnum opus, revolutionizing the industry.
23. The choreographer's ballet is her magnum opus, showcasing her creativity.
24. The fashion designer's runway show is her magnum opus, setting trends.
25. The photographer's portfolio is his magnum opus, capturing moments in time.



masterpiece, failure, flop, disaster


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