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How to pronounce manikin (audio)

Dictionary definition of manikin

A small-scale model or replica of the human body used for medical, artistic, or display purposes.
"The medical students practiced CPR on a manikin during their training."

Detailed meaning of manikin

A manikin can be made from various materials such as plastic, wood, or metal, and it can be anatomically correct or simplified. In medical settings, manikins are often used to simulate human anatomy and physiology for educational and training purposes. In art, manikins can be used as models for figure drawing or as reference for sculpting. Manikins are also commonly used in retail displays or as props in window displays to showcase clothing or jewelry. Overall, the manikin is a versatile tool that can serve a variety of purposes in different fields.

Example sentences containing manikin

1. The fashion designer used a manikin to display her latest collection.
2. The artist used a wooden manikin as a reference for his sculpture.
3. The medical students practiced CPR techniques on a manikin.
4. The store had a variety of manikins dressed in trendy outfits to showcase their clothing.
5. The manikin's lifelike features made it appear almost human.
6. The manikin's pose was adjustable, allowing artists to capture different positions.

History and etymology of manikin

The noun 'manikin' has its etymological roots in the Dutch word 'manneken,' which means 'little man' or 'doll.' This term was later borrowed into Middle French as 'mannequin,' which also referred to a small model or dummy used for various purposes. Eventually, it found its way into English as 'manikin.' In its modern usage, a manikin typically denotes a small-scale representation of the human body, often used in medical training, artistic endeavors, or for display purposes in clothing stores and exhibitions. The evolution of the word 'manikin' reflects its historical association with the idea of a diminutive human figure or doll.

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Further usage examples of manikin

1. The manikin was dressed in a bridal gown, attracting soon-to-be brides to the boutique.
2. The manikin in the anatomy lab helped students learn about the human body structure.
3. The manikin's limbs were flexible, enabling it to be positioned in different poses.
4. The artist sketched the manikin's form to practice figure drawing.
5. The store owner carefully dressed the manikin to reflect the latest fashion trends.
6. The artist used a manikin to help him with the proportions of the human body in his drawing.
7. The museum displayed a manikin of a knight in armor from the Middle Ages.
8. The sculptor used a manikin to create a clay model of a human figure.
9. The manikin in the doctor's office showed the different muscles in the human body.
10. The toy store had a manikin dressed as a superhero in the window display.
11. The firefighter trainees practiced rescuing a manikin from a burning building.
12. The dance instructor used a manikin to demonstrate different dance positions to her students.
13. The hospital used a manikin to teach new mothers how to breastfeed their babies.
14. The art supply store sold manikins in different sizes and poses for artists to use.
15. The forensic investigator used a manikin to simulate a crime scene for training purposes.



model, giant, full-sized, massive


Deceit and Pretense, Acumen and Insight, Anatomy and Biology

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