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How to pronounce matrimony (audio)

Dictionary definition of matrimony

The state or institution of being married, typically referring to the formal union between two individuals in a recognized legal or religious ceremony.
"They entered into matrimony with hopes of a lifetime of happiness together."

Detailed meaning of matrimony

Matrimony encompasses the social, legal, and emotional aspects of marriage, including the rights, responsibilities, and obligations that come with it. It signifies a committed partnership between two people, typically with the intention of creating a lifelong bond and building a family together. Matrimony often involves shared goals, mutual support, and the formation of a household. It is considered a significant milestone in many cultures and societies, symbolizing love, commitment, and the establishment of a stable and enduring relationship. Matrimony serves as the foundation for a range of legal and social rights, such as inheritance, joint property ownership, and the formation of a legal family unit. It is a concept deeply intertwined with cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and societal norms surrounding marriage.

Example sentences containing matrimony

1. After years of dating, they finally entered into matrimony.
2. Matrimony is a sacred bond that unites two hearts and souls.
3. The ceremony celebrated their matrimony with joy and love.
4. In matrimony, they vowed to support each other through life.
5. Matrimony brings together families and creates new connections.
6. The journey of matrimony is filled with ups and downs.

History and etymology of matrimony

The noun 'matrimony' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'matrimonium,' which was formed by combining 'māter' (meaning 'mother') and the suffix '-monium' (indicating action, state, or condition). In ancient Rome, 'matrimonium' referred to the state or condition of motherhood, emphasizing the role of women in marriage and family life. Over time, its meaning evolved to encompass the broader concept of marriage, particularly the formal union between two individuals in a recognized legal or religious ceremony. This evolution reflects the historical association of marriage with procreation and the establishment of familial bonds, which was fundamental in many societies, including the Roman culture from which the term originated.

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Further usage examples of matrimony

1. Their love story culminated in a beautiful matrimony.
2. Matrimony is a commitment to cherish and honor one another.
3. The couple's matrimony was sealed with heartfelt vows.
4. The celebration of matrimony was a grand affair.
5. Matrimony is a journey where two become one.
6. They embarked on the adventure of matrimony with excitement.
7. In matrimony, they promised to stand by each other always.
8. The institution of matrimony is a cornerstone of society.
9. Matrimony is a partnership built on trust and love.
10. Their matrimony was marked by love, laughter, and tears.
11. They decided to celebrate their matrimony with a simple ceremony.
12. Matrimony is a beautiful journey filled with shared dreams.
13. They embarked on the path of matrimony hand in hand.
14. Matrimony is a lifelong commitment to love and cherish.
15. The couple celebrated their matrimony with a beautiful wedding ceremony.
16. The institution of matrimony has evolved over the centuries.
17. Matrimony requires trust, love, and mutual respect.
18. The couple sought advice from a counselor to strengthen their matrimony.
19. Matrimony is a sacred bond that unites two souls.
20. Their matrimony was filled with joy and companionship.
21. The priest officiated the matrimony in the presence of their families and friends.
22. Matrimony is a commitment to support each other through thick and thin.
23. They celebrated their 50th anniversary, a testament to the strength of their matrimony.
24. The couple's matrimony was blessed with three children.
25. Matrimony brings about a sense of belonging and partnership.
26. The couple embraced the challenges of matrimony with open hearts.
27. They exchanged vows, promising to cherish and honor each other in matrimony.
28. Matrimony is a journey that requires effort, compromise, and constant communication.



marriage, singleness, divorce, bachelorhood


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