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How to pronounce mellifluous (audio)
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Dictionary definition of mellifluous

Exceptionally sweet, smooth, and melodious to the ear.
"The poet's mellifluous words flowed like a gentle stream."

Detailed meaning of mellifluous

When applied to auditory experiences, "mellifluous" signifies a quality of sound that is rich, harmonious, and pleasing, often evoking a sense of beauty and tranquility. A mellifluous voice or melody is one that flows effortlessly, captivating the listener with its pleasing and soothing qualities. The term is often used to praise the quality of speech or music that possesses a natural, flowing cadence, making it pleasant and enjoyable to hear. "Mellifluous" conveys a sense of enchantment and auditory delight, describing sounds that are as pleasing to the ear as the sweetest honey is to the palate, emphasizing their capacity to evoke positive emotions and aural pleasure.

Example sentences containing mellifluous

1. The singer's mellifluous voice captivated the audience, leaving them in awe.
2. The melody flowed with a mellifluous rhythm, soothing the listener's soul.
3. The poet's words were as mellifluous as a gentle lullaby, creating a sense of tranquility.
4. The flute produced mellifluous notes that echoed through the concert hall.
5. The pianist's performance was filled with mellifluous harmonies that enchanted the listeners.
6. The morning birdsong was a mellifluous chorus, signaling the arrival of a new day.

History and etymology of mellifluous

The adjective 'mellifluous' has its etymology rooted in Latin, specifically from the word 'mellifluus,' which combines 'mel,' meaning 'honey,' and 'fluere,' meaning 'to flow.' Therefore, the etymology of 'mellifluous' can be understood as something that flows like honey, conveying the idea of exceptional sweetness and smoothness. This linguistic heritage elegantly encapsulates the essence of 'mellifluous,' as it is used to describe sounds, speech, or music that is exceptionally sweet, smooth, and melodious to the ear, evoking the imagery of honey's gentle and flowing qualities in the auditory realm.

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Further usage examples of mellifluous

1. The storyteller had a mellifluous storytelling style that kept the audience engaged from start to finish.
2. The wind chimes produced a mellifluous sound as the breeze gently caressed them.
3. The violinist played with a mellifluous tone that brought tears to the eyes of the listeners.
4. The flowing waterfall created a mellifluous sound that echoed through the serene valley.
5. The poet's mellifluous verses painted vivid images in the minds of the readers.
6. The guitarist's fingers danced across the strings, producing mellifluous melodies.
7. The opera singer's voice was mellifluous and powerful, filling the theater with emotion.
8. The jazz band played mellifluous improvisations that delighted the crowd.
9. The raindrops falling on the roof created a mellifluous rhythm, lulling him to sleep.
10. The cello's deep and resonant tones added a mellifluous layer to the symphony.
11. The singer's mellifluous phrasing brought depth and emotion to the lyrics of the song.
12. The poet's reading was accompanied by the mellifluous strumming of a guitar.
13. The flowing river created a mellifluous backdrop for the peaceful landscape.
14. The actress delivered her lines with a mellifluous voice, capturing the essence of the character.
15. The mellifluous melody of the violinist captivated the audience.
16. The singer's mellifluous voice brought tears to the eyes of the listeners.
17. The radio host had a mellifluous voice that was perfect for his job.
18. The sound of the waterfall was mellifluous and calming.
19. The cello's mellifluous tones created a serene atmosphere.
20. The actress had a mellifluous speaking voice that was perfect for narration.
21. The jazz band's mellifluous music filled the room with a warm and inviting atmosphere.
22. The choir's mellifluous harmonies echoed through the cathedral.
23. The writer's mellifluous prose was a pleasure to read.
24. The flutist's mellifluous playing was like a gentle breeze.
25. The birds' mellifluous songs welcomed the dawn of a new day.

harmonious, cacophonous, jarring, discordant

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