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How to pronounce memento (audio)


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Dictionary definition of memento

An object or item that serves as a reminder of a person, place, or event.
"He kept the ticket stub as a memento of the concert."

Detailed meaning of memento

It can be used to describe a variety of things, such as a trinket, a keepsake, or a souvenir. A "memento" is often something that is kept or treasured as a reminder of a significant experience, person or event. It can be something as simple as a photo or a ticket stub, or it can be something more personal or meaningful such as a piece of jewelry or a handwritten letter. Mementos can be physical objects or digital, like a video or audio recording. Mementos are often kept as a reminder of a special time, place or person, and can evoke powerful emotions and memories. It is often used to remember a special moment, a person or an event that has a sentimental value.

Example sentences containing memento

1. She kept a memento from her travels—a small seashell—to remind her of the beach.
2. The old pocket watch was a cherished memento passed down through generations.
3. The photo album was filled with mementos of family gatherings and special occasions.
4. He treasured the handwritten letter as a memento of their friendship.
5. The necklace she wore was a memento from her grandmother, a symbol of love and remembrance.
6. The museum showcased historical mementos from different eras and cultures.

History and etymology of memento

The noun 'memento' has its etymological roots in Latin, specifically from the phrase 'memento mori,' which means 'remember that you will die.' This phrase was often used in ancient Rome to remind individuals of the inevitability of death and the transient nature of life. Over time, the word 'memento' was extracted from this phrase and came to signify any object or item that serves as a reminder of a person, place, or event. It embodies the idea of preserving memories and acknowledging the passage of time. When we refer to a 'memento' today, we harken back to its Latin origins, emphasizing its role as a tangible reminder of the past and the importance of cherishing memories and experiences.

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Further usage examples of memento

1. The athlete kept a memento of her first marathon—a race bib—framed on the wall.
2. The ticket stub from their first date served as a romantic memento of their relationship.
3. The soldier carried a small memento of his fallen comrade to honor his memory.
4. The seashell collection served as mementos of seaside vacations over the years.
5. The lock of hair tucked away in a locket was a poignant memento of their lost loved one.
6. The antique pocket watch was a valuable memento of a bygone era.
7. She preserved the flower petals from her wedding bouquet as a memento of her special day.
8. The dusty old trunk in the attic held forgotten mementos from their ancestors.
9. The handwritten recipe card was a cherished memento from her grandmother's kitchen.
10. The diary served as a personal memento, filled with memories and reflections.
11. The keychain with a small Eiffel Tower charm was a memento from their trip to Paris.
12. The photo frame displayed mementos of their children's artwork and school photos.
13. The museum gift shop offered a variety of souvenirs and mementos for visitors to take home.
14. The pressed flower inside a book served as a beautiful memento of a hike through a wildflower field.



keepsake, forgetfulness, discard, trash


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