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How to pronounce metric (audio)


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Dictionary definition of metric

Relating to a system of measurement or quantification that is based on specific standards or units.
"The performance metrics indicated a significant improvement in productivity."

Detailed meaning of metric

It refers to a method or framework that allows for the precise measurement, comparison, or evaluation of various attributes, quantities, or parameters. In the context of data analysis or performance evaluation, "metric" refers to a quantifiable measure or indicator used to assess or track specific aspects of a system, process, or performance. It implies a focus on numerical values, objective criteria, and standardized measurements to enable effective analysis, decision-making, or comparison. "Metric" can be applied to a wide range of fields, including science, mathematics, business, and technology, where the use of standardized units or criteria allows for consistent and meaningful measurement and analysis. Overall, "metric" emphasizes the importance of quantification, precision, and objective measurement in understanding, analyzing, and evaluating various phenomena or systems.

Example sentences containing metric

1. The company set specific metric goals to measure their performance.
2. The scientist used a metric system to quantify the data accurately.
3. The athlete broke the previous record, achieving a new metric milestone.
4. The project manager analyzed the project's metric data to identify areas for improvement.
5. The financial analyst presented the quarterly report, highlighting key metric indicators.
6. The school implemented a metric-based evaluation system for student performance.

History and etymology of metric

The adjective 'metric' has its origins in the Greek word 'metron,' which means 'measure' or 'unit of measurement.' This etymology reflects the core concept of 'metric' as it pertains to a system of measurement or quantification based on specific standards or units. It signifies the fundamental role of established measures and units in various fields, highlighting the importance of precision and accuracy in quantifying and evaluating aspects of the physical world, data, or any other measurable phenomenon. In essence, the term 'metric' harkens back to its Greek roots, emphasizing its inherent connection to measurement and standards.

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Further usage examples of metric

1. The marketing team tracked website traffic as a metric to gauge campaign effectiveness.
2. The engineer designed the product with metric dimensions to ensure compatibility.
3. The research study collected metric measurements to validate the hypothesis.
4. The retailer analyzed sales metrics to identify popular product trends.
5. The transportation company used metrics such as on-time delivery and customer satisfaction to evaluate performance.
6. The software developer implemented metric monitoring to detect system issues and optimize performance.
7. The quality control team inspected products based on metric standards to ensure compliance.
8. The SEO specialist monitored website metrics to improve search engine rankings.
9. The consultant used a metric-driven approach to optimize business processes.
10. The environmentalist measured air pollution levels using metric units.
11. The manufacturing plant set a metric target for reducing waste and increasing efficiency.
12. The project team reviewed the project timeline, adjusting deadlines based on metric progress.
13. The sales manager provided the sales team with metric benchmarks to track their performance.
14. The data analyst presented a visual dashboard displaying key metrics for easy monitoring.
15. The company set specific metric targets to measure its marketing campaign's success.
16. The scientist used a metric scale to accurately weigh the samples.
17. The website's traffic metric showed a steady increase in visitors over time.
18. The project team analyzed various key metrics to assess project performance.
19. The metric analysis revealed a high level of customer satisfaction.
20. The company implemented a new metric system to track employee performance.
21. The student's metric conversion skills helped them solve the math problem quickly.
22. The metric data provided valuable insights into consumer behavior.
23. The company evaluated its financial health using several important metrics.
24. The athlete achieved a new personal best in their metric mile race.
25. The metric measurement of temperature is expressed in degrees Celsius.



measurable, immeasurable, unquantifiable, nonmetric


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