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How to pronounce modulate (audio)

Dictionary definition of modulate

To adjust or regulate something, usually a sound or a signal, so that it meets a particular standard or achieves a desired effect.
"They modulate the intensity of the workout based on their fitness level."

Detailed meaning of modulate

In the context of sound, modulation refers to altering the pitch, tone, or volume of a sound wave to achieve a desired sound quality or effect. For instance, a musician might modulate their voice or instrument to create a certain mood or to emphasize a particular phrase in a song. In telecommunications, modulation is the process of varying the amplitude, frequency, or phase of a signal to transmit information over a communication channel. In general, modulating something involves adjusting it in a precise and controlled manner to produce a specific result.

Example sentences containing modulate

1. The DJ had to modulate the volume to keep the party energized but not too loud.
2. To improve the radio reception, she had to modulate the antenna's position.
3. He needed to modulate his voice to convey sincerity during the speech.
4. The engineer worked diligently to modulate the sound system for optimal clarity.
5. The singer learned to modulate her pitch to hit the high notes flawlessly.
6. The scientist had to modulate the laser's intensity for precise measurements.

History and etymology of modulate

The verb 'modulate' has its origins in the Latin word 'modulatus,' which is the past participle of 'modulare,' derived from 'modulus,' meaning 'a measure' or 'a standard.' This etymology underscores the core meaning of 'modulate,' which is to adjust or regulate something, often a sound or a signal, in accordance with a specific measure or standard. 'Modulate' implies the deliberate act of varying and controlling the intensity, frequency, or other parameters of a signal or sound to achieve a desired effect. The word's historical roots emphasize the idea of measuring and adjusting to attain a particular outcome, making it a fundamental term in the realm of sound engineering, communication, and music.

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Further usage examples of modulate

1. It's crucial to modulate your tone when delivering bad news to soften the impact.
2. To create a calming atmosphere, she would modulate the lighting in the room.
3. The spacecraft's communications system had to modulate the signals for deep space.
4. The conductor would modulate the orchestra's tempo to match the emotional intensity.
5. In therapy, he learned to modulate his reactions to stressful situations.
6. They modulate their voice to create different accents and tones.
7. Please modulate the volume so it's not too loud.
8. They modulate the guitar strings to achieve the desired sound.
9. Let's modulate the lighting to create the right ambiance.
10. They modulate their breathing to stay calm in stressful situations.
11. Please modulate your speech to ensure everyone can hear you clearly.
12. They modulate the frequency to tune the radio to the correct station.
13. Let's modulate the temperature to make the room more comfortable.
14. Please modulate your emotions to maintain a balanced mindset.
15. They modulate the speed of the music to set the desired mood.
16. Let's modulate the colors to create a harmonious visual scheme.
17. They modulate their piano playing to bring out the dynamics of the music.
18. Please modulate your voice to fit the context of the conversation.
19. They modulate their energy levels to match the demands of the activity.
20. Let's modulate the pitch of the instrument for a melodic effect.
21. They modulate the frequency of the sound wave to adjust its pitch.
22. Please modulate the settings to customize the user experience.
23. They modulate their tone of voice to convey different emotions.
24. Let's modulate the strength of the massage to suit your preference.



regulate, disrupt, disorganize, distort


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