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How to pronounce moksha (audio)


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Dictionary definition of moksha

A term from the Hindu religion and philosophy that refers to liberation or freedom from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth (samsara).
"Moksha is the ultimate goal of Hinduism."

Detailed meaning of moksha

It is considered the ultimate spiritual goal in Hinduism and is achieved through various spiritual practices, such as yoga, meditation, and self-realization. Moksha is viewed as the release of the individual soul (atman) from the limitations of the physical body and ego, resulting in a state of eternal bliss and union with the ultimate reality or Brahman. It is believed that the pursuit of moksha leads to the end of suffering and the attainment of enlightenment. Moksha is considered a state of spiritual completeness and transcendence beyond the limits of the material world.

Example sentences containing moksha

1. In Hinduism, achieving moksha is the ultimate spiritual goal.
2. Yogis seek inner peace on the path to moksha.
3. Reincarnation continues until moksha is attained.
4. Moksha signifies release from the cycle of rebirth.
5. The guru guided his disciples toward moksha.
6. Hindu rituals can be a means to attain moksha.

History and etymology of moksha

The noun 'moksha' has its etymological origins in the ancient Sanskrit language, which is the sacred language of Hinduism. In Sanskrit, 'moksha' is derived from the root 'muc,' which means 'to let go' or 'to release.' Therefore, 'moksha' signifies liberation or release from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, known as 'samsara,' in Hindu religious and philosophical traditions. This term encapsulates the ultimate goal of spiritual realization in Hinduism, where individuals seek to attain a state of profound freedom and union with the divine, transcending the endless cycle of reincarnation. The etymology of 'moksha' underscores its central significance in Hindu spirituality, emphasizing the idea of release from the worldly and cyclical existence to attain a state of spiritual liberation.

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Further usage examples of moksha

1. Karma plays a crucial role in the journey to moksha.
2. Moksha offers eternal liberation from suffering.
3. The concept of moksha varies among different schools of thought.
4. Meditation is a key practice on the path to moksha.
5. Devotion to a deity can lead to spiritual liberation, moksha.
6. Moksha brings an end to the cycle of life and death.
7. The Upanishads delve deep into the philosophy of moksha.
8. Liberation from samsara is the essence of moksha.
9. Achieving moksha requires self-realization and enlightenment.
10. Many seek guidance from spiritual leaders to attain moksha.
11. Moksha is the highest state of bliss and knowledge.
12. Hindu scriptures discuss various paths to attain moksha.
13. The seeker yearns for the ultimate freedom, moksha.
14. Moksha is the culmination of one's spiritual journey in Hinduism.
15. Practicing yoga can help one attain moksha.
16. Moksha is the liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
17. Hindu saints spend their lives in search of moksha.
18. The pursuit of moksha requires self-realization.
19. Moksha is believed to bring eternal bliss.
20. Meditation is a popular way to achieve moksha.
21. The concept of moksha is central to Hindu philosophy.
22. Moksha is seen as a state of spiritual completeness.
23. The attainment of moksha leads to the end of suffering.
24. Many Hindu scriptures describe the path to moksha.
25. The pursuit of moksha requires renunciation of worldly desires.



liberation, bondage, captivity, entrapment


Divine and Mystical, Energy and Vitality, Sacred and Profane

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